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Sunny and Yellow

This week, many of our activities are yellow themed. Munchkin is 19 months old.

Our plan for the week is as follows:

Art/Craft Table Time I Table Time II
Monday yellow play dough dot marker art pouring yellow rice
Tuesday gluing a sun matching cards star sizing
Friday stamps and stickers on yellow paper water beads pom pom colour sort


Anytime tray: pegs around the rim of a bucket

Sensory bin: yellow pom poms, yellow foam fish and letters, yellow fabric, ducks, plastic lion, giraffe, cheetah, yellow egg shakers, yellow buttons, narcissus stems, yellow star ice cube tray, yellow bag clips.


We started with yellow play dough as soon as breakfast was cleared away! We pulled out some cookie cutters and made yellow ducks, bears, flowers and stars. Munch also associates play dough with a book we own, “What Should I Make?” and so we also rolled a snake too, and talked about Neeraj, the boy in the book.

After a snack, we moved on to some dot marker art. At the beginning, Munch LOVED these markers, but lately she is more interested in trying to put the lids back on. Eventually she did get doing with the dots though. I sketched this sunflower quickly over the weekend. It worked out well.

Over the weekend, I also dyed some rice yellow. I used a couple of tablespoons of white vinegar and a couple of drops of yellow food coloring. Previously, our pouring activities haven’t gone that well – just haven’t held Munchkin’s attention, and mostly ended in a mess. This one grabbed her attention and she poured the rice back and forth for probably 10 minutes. She did really well, not spilling too much rice. If she did, we cleaned up as we went. I think she really liked the sound the rice made.

The yellow bin got quite a bit of play early this morning – I came into the living room to find that Munch and Daddy had put the yellow fabric over Barnacle (her dog) as a blanket, and surrounded him in flowers. Later in the day, I tried to encourage her to place one pom pom in each ice cube hole, but this didn’t go too well. The pegs were very popular, and I found them all over the house all day long. I did show her how to squeeze the top of the peg to make the bottom open. We will be working on this all week. It was a lovely day, so we also had lots of time outside, including walking over to the park to feed the fish. Munch handed a piece of fish food to another little girl there, so that she could feed the fish too.


For our art activity, I prepped some orange construction paper triangles, yellow rectangles and a big yellow circle, which I stick in the middle of a piece of paper. The idea was to glue the smaller pieces on and make a sun. Munchkin did much better with the glue stick than in the past, and we got all the pieces glued on eventually. She did take lots of time wanting to put the lid on the tube too,

We also spent a lot of time working with the clothespins and playing with purple play dough. We did do the star sizing later in the day. I printed and laminated three stars, differing only in size. Munchkin correctly identified the small and big stars, and was able to stack them with the largest on the bottom, then a middle sized star, and the smallest on top. The matching cards started out in our yellow bin, and one or two got scrunched up yesterday, so I put these away. Perhaps we will pull them out later in the week.

I had a meeting this afternoon, and I took along lots of our busy bags to keep Munchkin entertained. She did really well – lots of coloring, golf tee pegging and balancing marbles on top, snacking, and pom pom sorting.

Thursday and Friday

The rest of our activities got a little bit spread out! The pom pom color sorting happened on Tuesday. On Thursday, Munchkin asked to do a project, so I pulled out some yellow paper, stamps, and stamp pads. This went a little better than in the past, she did do some stamping, but it didn’t occupy her forĀ  long. Since then, however, Munch keeps asking to look at her art wall and wants to name all the pictures she stamped.

The water beads came out on Friday morning. They were in a different class dish this time. As usual, we had a great time with these. We did have a tea cup come into play, and Munchkin was very, very good at only pretending to drink fromĀ  the tea cup, even when water or beads made their way in there.

Over the weekend, we caught Munchkin reading several times, and I got this great shot of her in her rocking chair:

Our art wall:


2 Responses to Sunny and Yellow

  1. I absolutely LOVE your little strainer! Is that from Montessori Services?

    • csuttle says:

      No…it’s part of her kitchen set. It was a Christmas gift from Grandma, so it didn’t come from anywhere fancy. Probably toys R Us or Walmart. It is cute! :)

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