Adventures in Tot Schooling

Letter F Week

Munchkin was thrilled this week with a new paper filing system we got from Ikea. She’s really into writing letters, or cutting up bits of paper and posting them in an envelope as letters at the moment – has been for a while, really. One shelf is writing paper and envelopes. one is some old scrapbooking paper, one is regular blank paper, and the other is construction paper. I’ve also provided pencils, scissors and glue in a separate container. This week she wrote letters for her teachers at school, then had me dictate at the bottom of the page. She also wrote letters for a little friend’s birthday, and everyone around the house gets presented with letters on occasion. She isn’t writing yet, but I did create some family cards for her with a picture, the printed and the dotted name of each family member so that when she’s ready to write, she can address her envelopes.

This was letter F week at Munchkin’s school. I was a bit stumped coming up with ideas for letter F week, most of my trays that stayed out all week were flops, but the art projects that we did together were a hit, so that was nice.

I’ve also been working on some Montessori Beginning Sound/Phonics boxes from a while. I have two fishing tackle boxes, with half the alphabet in each box. This week, the first half of the alphabet was out just for exploration. I didn’t intend to do anything, but let Munchkin look at it this week. We did work with it however, since she was interested. I picked out the items for two letters with very different sounds – in the picture we’re using ‘b’ and ‘e.’ I picked up each item, asked Munchkin to name it, and then I repeated, emphasizing the beginning sound. I then asked Munchkin to guess which letter the item belonged to, and we made columns of the items. As you can see, these boxes are still a work in progress – I only have elephant for e!

F is for Foil Painting

So simple! Change up the background for painting. While getting the paints out, Munchkin requested a foam brush, so that’s what she used! We used some acrylic and some Crayola Kid Paints – both stayed on the foil well. I used foil square sheets, and tucked the ends over a piece of thick cardboard for durability. Munchkin covered every inch of the foil, and I just slid it off the cardboard to dry, and folded a new piece on.

F is for Fall Leaves

It’s a long time since we’ve done any contact paper projects. Since the glitter wasn’t really away from Letter G week, I decided that making glitter Fall leaves would be fun. It was! I only prepped two leaves, but I think Munchkin could have gone on all morning.

F is for Fork Painting

Another simple change and more painting – rather than a paintbrush, Munchkin had plastic forks. She painted a little bit after school on Wednesday. Little Sister and I still had to eat lunch, so by the time I was ready to paint too, Munchkin was kind of over it. She did stir all the paint colours together on the palette!

F is for Fingerprints

This one had us using our imaginations! We pulled out stamp pads and put some fingerprints on paper – then we had to come up with ideas to use the fingerprints. We had a ladybird, a pig, Munchkin requested an elephant (my drawing was not very good), a flower, car and other things. Munchkin took a while to warm up to this – she liked coming up with ideas for me to draw, so only a few of the fingerprints are actually hers.

F Writing Tray

I printed the letter F page from’s alphabet tracing packet, slipped it into a page protector and provided a dry erase marker and cloth. Munchkin likes these kinds of papers, and I saw her working on it a few time through the week and weekend.

F is for Flower Arranging

This tray was a flop – I was so surprised! Munchkin usually LOVES these kinds of things. Perhaps the pepper flake shaker I provided was too small for the flowers? I never even saw her look at this twice.Such a pretty set up too!


 F Pattern Blocks

This was also a flop. To be fair, Munchkin has never really been interested in the Melissa and Doug Pattern Block kit we have. It’s one of those things I pull out periodically to see if it will click, so I shouldn’t have been surprised that she wasn’t interested. I thought she would be if we worked on it together, but we just didn’t get a chance. The printable is from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

That’s it for our week! Here’s our art wall:








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