Adventures in Tot Schooling

Letter R Week

After a week off, we had some new trays and options out again this week. It was letter ‘r’ week at school, so I did my best to come up with R activities! Over the past couple of weeks Little Sister has had some new activities to try too and is getting so much more interested in her surroundings. She’s been signing “more” for about a month now, and this week, added waving in response to hearing “bye-bye” and has also started signing sleep!

R is for Ripping

Ripping is great for strengthening finger muscles. Munchkin has a hard time starting rips on the paper, but got better through the week, and had a much easier time ripping tissue paper. She also had a glue stick to make some art.

R is for Rubbing

While clearing some of my things, I found some OLD transfers from a create your own magazine kit I had as a kid. Since it’s letter R week, I provided the R transfer and showed Munchkin how to transfer the letters. She loved this and it was a bit hit all week. Once she used up all the R’s, we pulled out all the letters of her name, and she kept working away!

 R is for Rolling

We love marble rolling and painting around here! We had a lovely Thursday morning where Little Sister took a long nap and we got to make lots of great pictures together. This go around, we’re using them as birthday cards!

Number Work

This week, the number work on our shelves is quantity work – little table scatter pumpkins and a mat to put the right quantity in the right column. I was going to work though placing two pumpkins next to each other to get even and odd quantities, but we didn’t get that far. Munchkin pulled this work out by herself, and got as far as getting pumpkins up to number 7.

Little Sister

Little Sister had a couple of new activities this week. She enjoyed pulling scarves from a container. Sometimes I placed a scarf over both of our heads and we giggled and the light under the scarf changed colour. I also Ziploc bag of oil, water and liquid water colour. Little Sister loved poking at the back and seeing the colour move. Unfortunately the bag didn’t hold up to the oil, so she didn’t get to explore this as much as she would have liked.

This was one of my favourite finds of the week – I was in the kitchen and heard Munchkin “reading” ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?’ to her sister! I managed to snap a shot without either of them seeing.



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