Adventures in Tot Schooling

Letter P Week

This week is P week at school, so I put together some trays inspired by the letter P! We didn’t have too much focused time together this week as Munchkin’s Great Aunt is visiting, but I have seen Munchkin has been working on some of her trays at random moments.

Teens Board

I introduced the Teens Board to Munchkin this week. She’s been working with the bead stair, and I’ve been wanting to present the teens board because she likes to count to 20 when she plays hide-and-seek with her Grandad. Currently Munchkin counts 1-10, then 11, 12, 13, 15, 18, 19, 20 – so we have a new numbers to fill in! I should perhaps have introduced the teens with beads before numeral cards, but since Munchkin is still working on the short bead stair, I didn’t want two bead works out at the same time. This came out a few times this week and I can tell Munchkin is interested in it.

P is for Punching

Our hole punchers (as Munchkin calls them) came out this week. Each time they come out she gets a little stronger and a little more able to do them by herself. This week, Munchkin wanted to show Little Sister how they work!

P is for Popcorn Pouring

Munchkin loved this! She spent a lot of time pouring back and forth between the two jugs, and was tickled that I used her two little tupperware jugs from her kitchen.

P is for Polishing

You know, I thought this would be a hit, but it really wasn’t. I pulled out a teapot and polishing cloth. Munchkin tried it once, and I haven’t seen it touched since. Oh well.

P is for Pumpkin Patch

Since it’s now October, I put together a small world sensory bin. Shredded packing paper and pop corn kernels made the base, plastic table scatter pumpkins and Playmobil people (from when I was little!) create the scene! Munchkin had fun helping her people pick out pumpkins and wheel or bike them around. This will stay out for a week or two.

We also played with some Play-Doh, and that was about it for this week. I had a couple of other trays out that didn’t even get looked at – a magic water Painting tray, and an owl Puzzle. Still, family time is far more important and Munchkin has only seen her Great Aunt about 3 times in her life, other than on Skype.

Here’s the art wall for the week:




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