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Letter C Week

Just in the last few weeks, Munchkin has been asking about different objects and what letter they start with. I always respond with the letter sound and ask her to guess the letter – she usually knows. If not, I pick another word I think she knows and give that example, so if she asks for example, what cup starts with, I’ll make the c sound. If she doesn’t know I’ll say “it’s like cat, c-c-cat, c-c-cup…what do you think?” and most of the time, she’ll know from that. I’ve started putting together Montessori phonics boxes, and Munchkin helped me sort most of the items we have so far, but we need to find quite a few more before we can play games.

This week at school, Munchkin’s school worked on the letter C. Here are the trays I came up with for a ‘C’ theme.

C is for Collage

I cut some pictures from a Thomas catalogue, added some paper shapes, foam shapes and pom poms, and some glue and a brush. Munchkin made a lovely collage over a couple of days.

C is for Cutting

It’s been a while since we’ve had scissors out on our shelves. I printed a few different cutting invitations from Teaching from a Tacklebox, and placed them on a shelf. Munchkin attempted the small clipping, and the rectangular spiral (and did quite well with both), but didn’t attempt the other two.

C is for Counting

Munchkin pulled these counting links out of my office closet last week, and then asked that they be out on our shelves. It took me a few days to get there – and Munchkin pickedĀ  out a few different cards over the week and made links for the elephant trunks.

C is for Counting II

I wanted to re-present number cards and counters, lining them up to show quantities and the even and odd properties. This one stayed on the shelf all week – we didn’t use it.

C is for Colours

I saw these great invitations to create on Playful Learning, and wanted to put one together for Munchkin. We had a fun time putting some different things together. We worked together and I also saw her working independently. We made a house and she wanted to make beds to go in it. She also decided that some of the ponies were her family members and had fun moving them around.

C is for Counting III

I guess we were on a counting themed week! My Montessori short bead stair arrived this week, so I put it on the shelf in a lovely wooden box. We worked through the lesson together once, then again the next day when Munchkin asked. I also saw her putting this together and counting beads by herself.

C is for Cleaning

We spent a hot afternoon at home one day this week. I gave Little Sister a little tray of water to play with. Munchkin got vinegar and baking soda to play with. She didn’t know, but I’d been wanted to get a good scrub on my pans! Munchkin had lots of fun playing, and my pan got pretty sparkly clean again! Win-win! I also had some coloured baking-soda stars in the freezer from a long, long time ago, so Munchkin got to drop them into the vinegar and see everything fizz with colour.

C is for Cornstarch

On another hot afternoon, I stuck both girls in the tub with half a box of cornstarch, let Munchkin add water, and let them make Oobleck and play. Little Sister played with this at a friend’s house for the first time a coupe of weeks ago. Both girls had a great time with the oozy runny mixture. Little Sister may have eaten some of it, but she was certainly very happy!

Object Permanence Box

Little Sister really took off with her object permanence box this week. She sat quite happily and kept plonking the ball through the hole. Inspired by this, I pulled out our ball tower, and she knew just what to do. She loved the sound of the balls falling down the tower!


First Puzzle

I’ve had this puzzle out for a couple of weeks now, on and off. This week, Little Sister has really enjoyed playing with it. She loves picking up two pieces at a time and banging them together. She also tries to put the pieces back in their holes. She can match the right piece to it’s place, but can’t actually get it into place yet, it just slides around on top. As an aside, I have been using sign language with both girls. We didn’t really start signing with Munchkin until she was 6 months old. She signed more at 10 months, and her colours at 13 months. I heard that babies of deaf parents sign around 6 months. My goal with Little Sister was to have her signing at 8 months, and really, we’ve been signing all along, but it’s taken off much more since she’s been eating solids – and at 7.5 months, the grandparents and I are convinced that she is signing ‘more’! I’m SO thrilled, and think I might even have seen ‘milk’ this week. We all really felt that it completely cut tantrums and frustration from Munchkin, so I hope the same is true of Little Sister.

Here’s our art wall for the week.



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