Adventures in Tot Schooling

Letters S and T

We had no school again on Monday, so I didn’t find out that T was the letter of the week until Wednesday. We did a couple of ‘S’ activities earlier in the week, so the week ended up being a bit of a hybrid. Munchkin also specifically requested that her S writing tray (new over the weekend) be left out, so it stayed out on the shelves.

Writing S

I printed a sheet with different ‘s’ on, and also the ‘s’ sheet from This is the tray that Munchkin requested stay out when I began swapping trays. She traced the star, and a few of the s’s.

S is for Shaving Cream and Stirring

One morning, when Little Sister was asleep I pulled out our liquid watercolours, shaving cream and some stirring sticks. I don’t think Munchkin and I have done this activity before, but it was so much fun! She squirted shaving cream onto the tray, then I dropped liquid water colours on top, as directed by her. She stirred, and then got her hands involved to mix the colours in. When she requested, she pressed a sheet of watercolour paper on top, we set it aside to dry for a few minutes, then we scraped off the extra shaving cream. The results are beautiful marbled paper. We need to do this again and make wrapping paper!

S is for Spindles

I left this tray out from last week. One morning I peeked around from the kitchen to see Munchkin working and counting away by herself. I just got one snapped picture, but she was in her undies, so I won’t post it. She’d laid out the number cards,  I heard her count everything, touch and check it, and then she cleaned it all up. I just stayed out the way and she didn’t even know I was there. Pretty awesome, I think!

T is for Transfer and Tonging (and S is for Spooning)

I set up a simple transfer tray with corn kernels. The “tongs” are nose plugs from fitness testing! Munchkin didn’t think much of these, so we pulled the tongs from her play kitchen. Later in the week, I noticed a spoon on the tray – she must have decided spooning corn from one container to the other made more sense!

Letter T Salt Tray

Since t is a pretty easy letter to form, I pulled out our sandpaper letter and salt tray. Munchkin and I practiced tracing the letter and writing it together. She asked why we use two fingers to trace the letter, so I pulled out a pencil to show her how we use two fingers and a thumb to hold the pencil. She also asked me to draw dots to connect in the salt tray, so I did.

T is for Tying

The other day, I was tying something and Munchkin was very interested in what I was doing. I made up a quick tying task – punched some holes in a piece of cardboard, and staples three different kinds of materials to the back. I did this in about 2 minutes, and really, I should only have included the ribbon, not the other two items, but I wasn’t quite sure where Munchkin’s skill level was. She watched me do this a few times, but didn’t want to try herself. I will revamp and re-present at a later time.

T is for Trees

I saw this quiet time box on Pinterest, and was waiting to the Fall to use it. However, T week seemed like a great time! I took some pipe cleaners and stapled them to a branch round I have, then twisted the pipe cleaners up to make a tree trunk and branches. A little pack of Fall buttons completed the tray. This was really fun! We both enjoyed it, and I saw Munchkin working on it by herself.

Little Sister spent time this week playing with our window blocks. She learnt to bang them together, and had a lot of fun making music!

Here’s our art wall for the week:







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