Adventures in Tot Schooling

Letter S Week

This was a short week, so I didn’t find out that ‘S’ was the letter of the week at school until Wednesday lunchtime. Munchkin knows ‘S’ pretty well since it’s the first letter of her name. She has been talking, the last few days, about things that start with S, and other beginning letter sounds in general, so I’ve been researching the Montessori phonics boxes, and have a new project to work on, it seems! Anyway, here’s what I came up with for our letter S trays this week – you might notice that Munchkin snapped some of the pictures this week!

S is for Stamping

I pulled out several of our stamps, a couple of stamp pads and some paper for Munchkin. All the pictures on the stamps started with ‘S’ – this prompted some talk about the sound S makes. Whenever we work with stamps, I also provide one wet and one dry paper towel, for cleaning the stamps.

S is for Spindles

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced the Montessori Spindle Box work. It sat ignored on the shelf for the best part of a week, so I removed it. This time, I cut my paper in half and only presented the numbers 0-4, with 10 pencils as the control of error. Munchkin commented that half of the paper was missing as I presented the lesson to her again. This time, after my presentation, she helped me work through it a second time. She also selected this to work with on another day, and had no trouble placing the right number of pencils in the right places.

S is for Stones and Shells

As mentioned, since Munchkin is doing more directed gluing art projects at school, I’m trying to provide much more open ended things. I found a round serving tray, and put a selection of rocks, stones, sea shells and glass stones in a divided tray. We worked on a couple of designs together, and I did see her working at this by herself. When a design was complete we snapped a photo of it before cleaning up. The hardest challenge – clean up!

S is for Smelling

With Little Sister in mind, I put together three smelling bottles. They are spicy pepper shakers, with net circles inside to prevent little bits falling out. Our three smells are coffee, lavender, and cinnamon. Munchkin and I enjoyed smelling them, and surveying Daddy to find out which was his favourite (coffee!). Little Sister giggled each time we lifted a bottle to her nose, but it’s so hard to tell if she was smelling or not.

S is for Splashing

Ok, this wasn’t part of the theme. It’s been ridiculously hot here. One afternoon I pulled out water beads for Munchkin, and a tray with about 1/4 inch of water for Little Sister. They both had fun with water play in their own way.

S is for … Squeezing?

Again, not part of our theme, but an art activity we worked on one morning. I prepared liquid watercolours, and Munchkin and I  had fun making designs with pipettes on coffee filters. When they were dry, we used pipe cleaners to turn them into butterflies.

Here’s our art wall for the week:


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