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All You Need Is Love

Love is in the air! It’s Valentine’s Day, and we are focusing on all things red, pink, white, and heart shaped! Munchkin is 19 months old.

Our plan for the week is as follows:

Art/Craft Table Time I Table Time II
Monday making V-Day card for Daddy threading straws on pipe cleaners heart stickers
Tuesday stamping with red ink puffy heart color sort Valentine’s Printables
Friday play dough and cookie cutters water beads pouring red lentils


Anytime tray: heart toothpicks and a red pepper flake shaker.

Sensory bin: red rose petals, pink and red buttons, red rose, pink flowers, pink purse, red and white glass beads, felt heart, glitter hearts, heart banner, heart photo holders.


Well, as the saying goes: Mum’s don’t get sick days! Munchkin was a little angel all day long and we got lots done even though I wasn’t feeling too well.While Dad was getting her up she found her toothpicks and new bin. Her favourite thing in the bin was the little purse – she carried it around on and off all day!

We started out with a felt heart sticker kit that I picked up in the dollar aisle. Munch was able to pull the tiny sticky gems off of their backing plastic and stick them all by herself. We also stuck a heart sticker on her heart, and maybe on the table too. From this we moved on to heart stickers and paper. Because she’d already been sticking, she wasn’t too into this, and we didn’t get too many stickers on the paper.

We threaded straw sections onto pipe cleaners a few times through out the day. Munch got the hang of this right away, but wasn’t interested when I tried to turn it into a bracelet.

After dinner, Munchkin asked for play dough, so we got pink playdough (she had a choice between pink and white) out, along with some cookie cutters. She had lots of fun, especially with the little teddy bear cutter.


Today, for the first time, I sat down and tried to run ‘Tot-School’ as one continuous event, start to finish. Usually we pepper the activities throughout our day. This may not have been the best judgement call – Munchkin woke up early from nap and spent the rest of the day with about a two minute attention span for everything. However, this is what we did…

Since the shape matching and sizing activities went down well last week, I wondered if Munch was ready for more printable work. I prepped two popsicle stick puzzles, a tot book, dot marker heart, and some matching sheets.

Munchkin let me show her how the puzzle worked, and then I tried to help her through it by asking to hand me the bears ears, then eyes, then paws, then tail, then toes. She concentrated for about the first two sticks, but did like looking at them. We didn’t get to the second puzzle. For the first time, with the tot book, I tried to encourage her to only colour with the blue pencil on the blue page, etc. This didn’t go down so well, and she wanted to colour any which page. The dot marker heart was fun (we love those dot markers!) and we worked through the matching sheet once, but by then her attention was gone. I would assess that , while she is not ready for that much “work” all at once, on the right day, at the right time, she would do much better than she did on this particular occasion. I will pull these items out one at a time through the rest of the week.

After the printable work, we moved on to colour sorting. I picked these hearts up in the dollar aisle. We used them on Monday to decorate a card for Daddy, and Munch remembered that they were sticky, so she wanted to be able to stick them to herself. I think we correctly sorted one, maybe two hearts.

We then painted – we had to try that toilet paper heart stamping craft I’ve seen all over. This was fun, but again lasted about two minutes. We then moved on to finger painting, which, as always became tray painting. This was a good time, but didn’t last as long as fingerpainting usually does.

Later in the day, Munchkin asked to play with pasta, so I got her pasta bin down. She spilled some on the floor, and I was able to introduce this super cute dustpan and brush set I picked up in the dollar aisle. She helped me pick a spot on the side of her play kitchen, and we added a hook to store it. Now she can sweep up her cracker crumbs after snack!


We had some bonus time after dinner on Thursday – I asked Munchkin if she wanted to do a project, and she did! We used some glittery hearts, a heart frame and contact paper to make our “project.” It is now on our art wall, and gets lot of points and “project”s.


It’s just as well we got some extra time in on Thursday. Friday was not a good day for sleeping, concentrating, coughing or anything else. Oh well.


2 Responses to All You Need Is Love

  1. Karen W says:

    Such a wonderful selection of activities. I love the idea of threading straws onto the pipe cleaners. I have used pony beads as they get older and Cheerios for them when younger because of the possibility of them putting the beads in their mouths. Looks like she is having a bunch of fun. Not surprised she would rather finger paint, it is so much fun.
    I would love if you would stop by and share your post on Toddler Idea Tuesday.

    Have a great day

  2. jen says:

    Love your activities and it looked like she had a blast :)

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