Adventures in Tot Schooling

All Those New Things

Since Munchkin had a birthday last week, she has lots of new toys, books, puzzles and other things to use. I like to take the week after her birthday to really focus on those – make sure she knows how to use anything that needs guidance, supervise anything that’s messy, and notice ahead of time if there’s anything she’s just not going to connect with. We had a fun week with her new things this week – here’s what we spent our time doing:

 Tot Trays

Dot-to-Dot book

Munchkin got an Usbourne book of dot-to-dots for her birthday. This book is fanstastic, and she’s worked through two thirds of it already (from back to front, for some reason). Usbourne books are such great quality, and always so well thought out. None of these dot-to-dot pages go higher than the number 10, and they have a number line on the bottom of each page for reference. After completing a picture, we turned to the sticker page to name the picture, so she’s been working on first letter recognition. She can mostly work on these by herself.

Train Painting

These were the party favours for Munchkins birthday party – a wooden train, paintbrush and three little paints. Of course Munchkin had one too! She loved this, and painted the whole thing fuchsia.

Line Invitation

Continuing on from last week, I again provided the line and circle sheets with rocks and added other loose parts: buttons, stars, sequins, and glass stones. Since there were so many new things to work with, we didn’t really get a chance to do much with this.

Glitter Ballerinas

This was a birthday present, and Munchkin loved it! We worked though all four ballerinas on one sitting – a pretty solid hour together. I helped position the glitter sheets so that we had enough to last, but by the end, when she was adding the last few little embellishment, she was doing this all by herself. It was a really fin project for her.

Mickey Puzzle

Another birthday present – a little tin with a 24 piece puzzle inside. Surprisingly, this didn’t go down as well as I expected. Munchkin is totally capable of doing 24 piece puzzles. I think the smaller sized, thinner pieces were hard for her fingers. We did work through it together, since she just got frustrated doing it by herself.

Disney Sticker Book

Munchkin also got a Disney themed sticker book for her birthday, and has been working on quite a few of the pages. Most of them she can do herself – there are a few math pages we do together, but mostly it’s shadow matching. If I show her which section of stickers to use, she does very well by herself.

We also worked with a rubber stamp set, and some poster paints that she received. We had a nice art-y week, and managed to find homes for all the new things. This week, Little Sister had her first experience in a swing, and we pulled out the high chair. She joined us for our tot school time one day this week, so I put together three little trays for her:

Baby Trays

Wooden Grasping Toy

I purchased a set of wooden baby toys a couple of months ago, and have been bringing them out slowly. This was Little Sister’s first time seeing this particular toy, and she liked feeling it, banging in, and mouthing it.

Baby Fingerpaint

Since Munchkin was testing out her new poster paints, I thought it would be fun for Little Sis to “paint” too. I put three dabs of fingerpaint in a sandwich bag, taped that to a piece of cardstock, and taped that to her high chair tray. She managed to bang the paint and push it around a bit. Munchkin really enjoyed painting with her sister.

Music Basket

This was simple – two music toys in a basket. Little Sis plays with the bell shaker a fair bit at her grandparents house, and did quite well hitting the castanets down to make noise. Obviously both instruments ended up on the floor several times, but I think she enjoyed sitting with us.

Here’s our art wall for the week:





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