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Three Years Old

A certain Munchkin had a birthday last week! We had a birthday themed tot school, and had a really great time. We only worked on her trays the first couple of days last week. Her birthday was on Wednesday, and my brother was in town the rest of the week. We also had some birthday party preparations (baking cupcakes) that she helped me take care of in the latter part of the week. Munchkin had a great birthday with all her family around, and a really good time at her birthday party over the weekend. She is one very lucky girl!

Tot Trays

Rock Invitation

I’ve been watching all these invitations to play with rocks on Pinterest. They look like so much fun! I set one up for Munchkin when she woke up from her nap on Monday – with no other trays out to stop distractions – and we played. It took a little while for her to settle in, but once we got working she had a really good time and we played for quite a while.

Cupcake Decorating

I found a cupcake image on and provided a couple of different options. One day Munchkin decorated with dot markers, and then next day she used glue and glitter. She really worked hard to contain the glitter, and did really well, but somehow there is still glitter all over the house!

How Many Candles?

This was the hit of the week! Munchkin LOVED picking a blue square and matching the correct number of candles to the top of the cupcake. She would put the candles on and ask me if she was right, so I always told her to count the candles again to check. By the end of the week, she was double checking by herself, and just needed help if she had too many candles. I found the printable here.


I printed a series of birthday themed pre-writing strips from Homeschool Creations. Munchkin had the choice to write the strips, cut the strips, or write and then cut. She did a little of everything.


From 1+1+1’s birthday pack, I printed a food/friend sorting activity, which we worked through.

The rest of the week we worked through some of her birthday presents – which will show up in next week’s tot school. Little Sis got some time with our window blocks, and we just had lots of family fun!

Here’s our art wall for the week:



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  1. Emma says:

    So many fun hands-on ideas. I love that rock invitation to play!

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