Adventures in Tot Schooling

Fourth of July

This week we had some 4th of July fun! I printed several pages from 3Dinosaurs  and Gift of Curiosity. We also did a couple of fun projects, and shared our decoration making with a friend! We continued to work on pre-writing skills. I did have a couple of letters ready to work with, but Munchkin didn’t ask, so I didn’t push it. Instead, I provided lots of shape tracing and squiggly line tracing.

 Tot Trays

Star Counting

Munchkin counted stars, and then added star stickers to cover the right answer! These are great for her, and she likes working on a few at a time, going on to something else, and then coming back to them. We are working on touching each star as she counts it – she knows all her numbers, but she always rushes through number 4 – she’ll say it as she moves her finger between star  3 and star 4, so she ends up calling star 4 “five” – we are working on accuracy now.

Cutting Strips

Scissors are just so exciting for Munchkin! I provided straight line cutting strips. At Grandma’s house later in the week, she also worked on a cutting work book. The straight line strips provide confidence at this point. She can do them fairly easily, but struggles with wavy lines. At Grandma’s house she worked on cutting out some shapes, and did well with squares and rectangles.

Paper Cup Craft

This super simple craft was a HUGE hit! Munchkin stuck foam stars on paper cups. I pre-cut strips of red and blue paper and also provided a teeny-tiny roll of princess tape I picked up at the Dollar Store. I think the tape is why this was so thrilling! She’d never had her own tape before! Munchkin needed help pulling off little strips of tape, which we attached to the paper strips, then she taped to the inside of the cups. I added a string (and stapled the paper strips down) and we hung them up outside! We got to share this craft with a friend over the weekend, and both girls had lots of fun! Munchkin was thrilled, pointing out her decorations to everyone who came over.

Pre-Writing Work

Munchkin loved using these gel pens! I provided a few shape tracing sheets, a dotted line version of an American flag to trace, and a pre-writing sheet. Munchkin worked on them as she wished over the week. One of our other activities involved glitter glue, and we ended up tracing one of the pre-writing sheets with glitter glue in addition to the pens.

Glitter and Glitter Glue

Glitter and glitter glue suggests fireworks to me – so we had some free form art time. Munchkin heard firework booms in our neighbourhood through the first part of the week and was scared by them. We watched some firework videos, and ended up letting her stay up to watch fireworks of the 4th. She’s not scared any more, and thinks they are very pretty.

Roll and Race

One of the printables I used was a page with two groups of stars. We took turns rolling a dice and filling in the correct number of stars. I used a dice with dots rather than numbers, to keep working on that counting accuracy. Munchkin liked this, and we did it twice in a row.

Toilet Tube Fireworks

We also used fingerpaint for this activity. Munchkin enjoyed it, but didn’t spend long on it.

Dot Marker Mazes

A few weeks ago I pulled out a work book we had lying around. Munchkin LOVED these follow the shape mazes, so I printed several from the printable packs listed above. They were a hit! They are challenging for her, but she enjoys them. They must be right in her learning sweet spot now!

Alphabet Puzzle

I picked this puzzle up in the Dollar Store a long time ago – it’s always a hit every time it comes out!

We had a fun week! Here is our art wall:







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