Adventures in Tot Schooling


Munchkin asked for the book Dot, by Patricia Intriago, to be our theme for trays this week. Since it’s all about circles, and she wants to write, it was a great pre-writing theme for us. We also continued to work on just the 4 letters in Munchkin’s name, both writing them and the sound they make. Munchkin’s become very interested in letter sounds, and keeps asking what sounds different letters make.

Tot Trays

Space Stickers

Munchkin’s school had a space theme this week. I happened to have some space themed fancy stickers lying around – so they because one of our trays this week!

Dot Painting

What better way to celebrate a dot book, then by painting dots! I have a couple of circle foam dabbers, so we used those with some fingerpaint – and then ended up fingerpainting too!

Circle Worksheets

I provided a few different circle worksheets for Munchkin to trace and colour. Funny monkey, the first day she didn’t want anything to do with them! As the week went on, she just about completed them. One of the sheets has the word “circle” written out for tracing a few times. I was thrilled to see that she formed every letter (especially the ‘e’) correctly.

Nuts and Bolts

Last week I had our nuts and bolts out – 4 pairs, all the same – and I commented that I needed to get some different sizes. Well, we got a few sets! Munchkin was excited to get started. Two of them are really, really close in size. She’s doing well with the more discrete sets, but gets a bit frustrated when all 5 sets are there.

Salt Tray/Sandpaper Letters

This tray is a repeat of last week, and was just as popular. Our process is to feel the letter on the sandpaper, and make sure we’re forming the letter correctly, then move to the salt. This week she wanted me to write the letter in the salt, then she dabbed dots (like a dot-to-dot) and connected them herself. She also had some time drawing patterns in the salt.

Bubble Wrap Painting

I had two different sizes of bubble wrap arrive this week! I git rectangles and taped them into “mittens” for painting. Munchkin slipped the mitts on and bashed away!

Pre-Writing Sheets

I found these here (though I think I printed them wrong) and presented them for some more pre-writing practice. Munchkin did really well tracing them, and really liked them.


We did an ice stick colour mixing activity weeks ago. I re-froze the mixed water so that we could paint with the sticks later, and then forgot all about them! Thursday was a scorcher around here, so it seemed the perfect time to pull them out and paint with ice. Munchkin wasn’t too thrilled that her fingers got painted too, but she did enjoy this for a couple of minutes.

Tissue Ripping and Gluing

The last page of the Dot book has so many dots that the page just looks white on the left hand side, then they spread out and it fades to almost solid black by the right side of the spread. I envisioned us making something like that – but I never really provide much direction, so this activity was really about ripping the tissue paper, scrunching it (great hand muscle work), and then gluing the paper down.


We spent hours playing with Playdough on Friday. She practiced her knife skills, cut with scissors, scooped, rolled, created food, and all sorts of things. We had a blast – I can’t include pictures though, because Munchkin decided that clothes were optional that day!

Here’s our art wall – I left off the writing activities, since they didn’t fit!





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