Adventures in Tot Schooling

If I had a Robot

This week was supposed to be based on the book “If I had a Robot” by Dan Yaccarino, but as I read the book a couple of times, I decided I didn’t really like it. The book talks about a boy not liking vegetables, baths, or school – all things that Munchkin does like and I didn’t really want to present that these were “bad” things…so we sort of stopped reading the book, and just did a robot themed week instead.

Munchkin is also really into writing now. Part of me thinks that she’s two (almost three) and it’s ridiculous to even think about teaching her to write letters. The other part of me sees her trying to do it, and sees that if I don’t step in, then she will learn bad habits – her instinct is to write letters from the bottom up, and it’s so much harder to undo a bad habit that to learn the right way in the first place. I decided to start this week with the four letters of her name, and we will go from there.

Anytime Activity

We’re still loving the window blocks – they stayed out this week. I also got out our robot magnets from Picklebums to put on our dishwasher, and Munchkin made several different robots through the week.

Tot Trays

 Transformer Colouring

I think Daddy picked this kit up in the Dollar Aisle a while a go, and it worked for this theme. While Munchkin is really into writing, she hasn’t been into colouring lately. These were a hit, and Munchkin really enjoyed them. She doesn’t know what transformers are :)

Robot Cutting

I printed some pre-writing strips from Homeschool Creations robot pack, but we used them for cutting practice. Strangely, this weren’t a hit. Cutting is usually a guaranteed thing, but I guess she just wants to write!

Salt Tray

I presented Munchkin’s letters using Montessori sandpaper letters, and a salt tray. This also provided an opportunity to start working on the phonic sounds for each letter. As in a traditional Montessori practice, we used two fingers to trace the shapes of the letters while we said the sounds. I used the phrase, “This is ‘s’, it says ‘ssssss'” and had Munchkin repeat the sound as she traced the letters. I then demonstrated writing the letters in the salt tray, again using two fingers. My main goal is that she learns the correct pathways for the letters. She did well tracing, but could not reproduce them in the salt tray. We did spent time drawing shapes, lines and zig-zags in the salt tray, which she did well with. I think we will stick with the four letters in her name for at least another week, and then if she’s still interested, we’ll go from there.

Nuts and Bolts

Some fine motor practice – because robots have nuts and bolts! I need to extend this by getting some different sizes of nuts and bolts to make this more of a challenge.

Colours and First Letter Clipping

I printed a couple more pages from the robot pack. Since Munchkin wants to write, I printed a page where she could copy the colour words. Another day, I presented the clip cards, where the goal was to place a peg on the first letter of the colour of the robot. Before we started clipping, I laid out the completed colour tracing sheets next to us. I didn’t tell Munchkin that they were there for reference, I just wanted to see what she’d do. She selected the purple robot first, I asked her what colour it was (purple), and asked her what letter purple started with – she looked over to the other sheet and said ‘P’! We completed the other clip cards in this manner. We also signed most of the colours and letters. I was very impressed!

Star Wars Workbooks

I picked up some Star Wars Pre-K Workbooks in Costco at least a year ago – because they were Star Wars, with no intention of using them for a long, long time. This week I made copies of the letter pages for the letters of Munchkin’s name. She kept requesting more, so on Thursday morning we sat down with the shapes and colours workbook, and basically did the whole book! She just couldn’t get enough of tracing the shapes, tracing through the mazes and doing the grouping puzzles. The colouring pages, predictably, got ignored.

Magnetic Pom Poms

I printed a robot dot marker sheet from Homeschool Creations, and presented it on a tray with magnetic pom poms. Munchkin ignored this!

Make a Robot

This was a printable craft I found. Munchkin was supposed to colour it, then we would cut it out and make the robot…but she’s not into colouring right now, so we didn’t do it.

Here’s the art wall for the week:



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