Adventures in Tot Schooling


We didn’t do totschool this week. I didn’t get anything prepped, and we had a busy week. My mom has finished work for the summer so we saw more of her. Munchkin also moved to the 3 year old classroom for her two school mornings a week. While she was happy and chatty with the new teachers at school, and seemed to do well, she’s just been off all week probably partly due to school, and partly due to running fever last Friday/Saturday.

In the end, we only had one completely quiet morning together, and took the whole of Little Sister’s nap time to do some painting. We actually did three different kinds of painting – liquid water colours, marble painting with acrylic paint, and then fingerpainting. It was a really good hour spent together, and it really made a lot of difference, I think.

our painting haul

our painting haul



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