Adventures in Tot Schooling

Blueberries for Sal

Although this was a little bit of a longer book, Munchkin really enjoyed it and asked for it to be read over and over. She was a little confused between all the Little Bea’s Mama and Little Sal’s Mama’s – but that’s kind of the point of the book as I see it. She is currently in the everything’s a question phase – and will ask her questions about what’s going on without waiting to see if the story tells her. Totally age appropriate, but that doesn’t mean we can’t work on waiting until the end of the page at least. She so concerned with her question that she’s not really listening to or comprehending the story. Again, totally age appropriate, but we can still work on it!

Anytime Activity

I’ve been lusting after these Guidecraft blocks for a while, and finally bought them. They stayed out all week and were a big hit with both kiddos! Munchkin loved playing with them in the window, and on the seat of our bay window, which she’s not usually allowed on. Little Sister can now sit quite well in the bumbo, and she enjoyed them too. I made a little car, and then Munchkin’s imagination really took off, making houses and trains and all kinds of balancing towers. I’m so happy with this purchase…and I hope we keep on playing with them and can continue to be so creative!

Tot Trays

Spiky Ball Transfer

We don’t do too many of these transfer trays anymore, but I think they are still very valuable. Munchkin enjoyed spooning these from the blue tray to the yellow. She wouldn’t move them back – I had to switch them, and then she spooned from blue to yellow again!

Pom-Pom Blueberries

I printed a few sheets from RoyalBaloo’s Blueberries for Sal pack. I provided tongs so that Munchkin could tong the pom poms into each number grid for some visual counting. I also printed an addition sheet, and we worked together to put the pom poms on top of the pictures of blueberries, stuck down number stickers, then moved all the blueberries to the other side of the equation to count up the total. We then put a number sticker in the answer box so show the result of our sum. Munchkin totally got the concept and pattern of doing this.

Blueberry Stamping

I saw this craft on a blog (and can’t remember where!), but the original activity came from Martha Stewart. We used paint and paper rather than fabric. Munchkin wanted to stamp the blueberry stamp in green, and the leaf stamp in blue! She has lots of fun though, and ended up fingerpainting, and having lots of fun colouring her hands!

Thank You Teacher Craft

Wednesday was Munchkin’s last day in her two’s classroom! She’s done one year of pre-school already! We bought cacti for her teachers, and made a little flower to stick in them.

Spelling Puzzles

Munchkin’s been quite into this tray the week, laying out all the letter, working on several cards and a time and looking for different letters. She’s just growing by leaps and bounds here.

Munchkin has also had tons of fun with her kinetic sand this week, making “chocolate iced tea” for everyone, and using her knife to cut slices of food. She also used a vegetable peeler for the first time this week, peeling her own carrot for a snack – then peeling the other half of the carrot so that she had a snack for school the next day. She was so proud of her peeled carrot!

Another huge thing this week – I was nursing Little Sis while Munchkin was reading her Thomas magazine. She found a crayon, and just started tracing the letters for some of the engines’ names! We have absolutely not worked on writing, beyond some pre-writing line following, and drawing patterns in the salt tray once or twice. She did SO well, however, I want to pull back on this because I don’t want her to learn to form the letters incorrectly. I’ve ordered some sandpaper letters so that she can feel the path she should be using, and we will perhaps start working with the salt tray. I’ll also pull out other pre-writing activities if she’s suddenly interested in writing! I certainly don’t think she should be writing, nor am I wanting to push it, but if she’s interested, I will follow her lead.

Here’s our art wall:




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