Adventures in Tot Schooling

The Three Little Pigs

Munchkin has been really into Red Riding Hood and Cinderella, so I thought it was time to introduce some new fairy tales. This week we focused on The Three Little Pigs. Munchkin enjoyed the story and we read it several times throughout the week. We only managed totschool on two occasions this week, and I actually had more activities planned, and Munchkin asked to make a Big Bad Wolf, but we just didn’t get to it.

Anytime Activity

I pulled out our colour matching hexagons from Picklebums – it’s been a while since we’ve used them. Munchkin played with them a few times, and was really interested in making as many sides as possible match up.

Tot Trays

Foam Letter Match

We have a set of foam letter stickers. I laid some out on my scanner, and made a matching sheet. Munchkin was really, really excited about this – especially because I listed her name down the middle.

Three Little Pigs Do-A-Dots

It was good to move back into some printable work. We used the images of the three pigs’ houses, from’s Three Little Pigs pack. I matched the colours as best I could, and we talked about the sequence of the story.

The Big Sibling Book

Little Sister is already 3.5 months old, or so. Munchkin asked to work on her Big Sister book this week, and so we worked on a couple of pages. She told me about her impressions of having a little sister so far (good things), and we got to draw around both kids hands, and Munchkin coloured them in.

Piggy Nose

I cut a cup from an egg carton and provided paint. Munchkin painted it pink, and we let it dry. The next day I added a couple of lines and added some elastic to make a little pig nose. Munchkin liked making it, but wouldn’t wear it!

Three Little Pig Houses

I saw this cute craft onĀ  Red Ted Art, we changed it a little and made it collage. We made the three houses in order and Munchkin had a great time with the glue. We used Easter grass, some cake pop sticks I had, and some red foam, cut into brick pieces.

Three Little Pig Printables

We also used a couple more sheets from – a matching sheet, and an odd one out sheet. Munchkin was doing really well with the odd one out sheets, but this one phased her a bit. I printed it from the regular pack, not the tot pack, so it did have more options per line than she’s used to.


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