Adventures in Tot Schooling

May 2015

We had no real theme to our totschool this week. I’m not sure what it is – Little Sister is out of the newborn phase, and is actually fairly predictable, but I feel like I have even less time that I did when she was brand new. I did get ahead on planning some totschool weeks towards the end of my pregnancy, and we’ve done all those weeks now so I need to find some new inspiration! We do actually have some library books that lend themselves to great themes, but I just haven’t had time to hang out in my office closet (where all our supplies are stored) to pull themed activities together. However, our totschool time has always been more about crafting and spending time together for Munchkin and I, and we of course continue to do that.

Tot Trays

Number Puzzles

We’ve had these puzzles for ages, and also have a sight words set. While Munchkin knows her numbers, and can’t read, we’ve been working with the sight word ones for a while since they are only two pieces. I felt this set, with three pieces and the number words was harder. Munchkin did well with these when I only pulled out 3-4 number sets (9-12 pieces) at a time, and when I told her the first letter she was looking for. However, she also wanted some free play time with the whole box, and got a bit frustrated. Weirdly, the number 9 ordinal card fit the number 6 puzzle, which was a bit confusing!

Mosaic Sticker Set

These are an exercise in concentration for us, and each time we work on them, we do a little more. They were a gift, and I do feel they are still a little old for Munchkin. Once we finally finish the train, I’ll keep the others until she’s a little older.

Hole Punching

Munchkin requested her “clickers” this week, so we spent some time punching out pieces. Her hand strength is getting better, but she does still really need to stand up to get enough force onto them. It’s the only time she’s allowed to stand up at the dinner table! Just getting the paper into the punch is great fine motor practice.

Frog Craft Kit

I picked this kit up a while ago. Munchkin currently really likes a book about a frog that we have from the library – I don’t like it, there’s lots of yelling and being defiant in the book! But anyway, she enjoyed making this craft kit, and named the frog “Frogilina” after the girl frog in the book.

Here’s our art wall for the week:





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