Adventures in Tot Schooling

A Color of His Own

We had a fun week working through activities inspired by Leo Lionni’s beautifully illustrated book, A Color of His Own. I found a lot of inspiration for activities on The Activity Mom’s blog, but we also added in a few activities of our own. Our kinetic sand continued to be a huge hit this week, with Munchkin requesting to play with it most days, and it keeping her entertained for quite large chunks of time.

Tot Trays

Emotion Cubes

We haven’t had these out for ages. I thought they paired well with this book because the chameleon is sad that he doesn’t have his own colour. Munchkin rolled the dice and I explained the emotion to her. If we knew the sign, we signed it too. We also talked about situations where she might have felt that particular emotion. She now understands all the main emotions, but wasn’t too sure about ones like feeling included, or left out.

Chameleon Wheel

Since I mixed up some liquid watercolours for our mirror exploration last week, this craft activity seemed like the perfect opportunity to use them up! Munchkin painted one paper plate as she saw fit with the colours. We let the plate dry, then, another day I cut a chameleon shape out of a second plate and used a paper fastener to attach the two plates, we then turned the top plate to see the chameleon’s colours change!

Kinetic Sand

Munchkin requested the sand again this week, and just loved playing with it. Throughout the course of the week, various pieces from her kitchen were added in, and we experimented with different cups to make sand castles. Little Sister was also invited to feel the sand.

Chameleon Collage

I drew an outline of a chameleon, and provided glue and foam shapes. Munchkin was asked to glue the shapes inside the outline, and did very well. She has discovered the joy of squeezing the glue bottle now though, and like all preschoolers I’ve ever met, she’d rather squeeze out all the glue than actually stick anything down!

Colour Changing Chameleon

This idea also came from the Activity Mom’s blog – I traced the chameleon from the front of the book onto wax paper. We read the book and the chameleon moved across the page changing colour as he went. We then took the chameleon around the house, and found lots of different colours and patterns that he could become. It was funniest when the chameleon landed on our clothes!

Water Transfer

Munchkin spotted the pipette while I was grabbing her supplies and requested a water transfer tray – I was happy to oblige! Munchkin’s grip is much stronger, and she is able to use this pipette by herself now. She also spent lots of time using the sponge.

Marble Painting

The box arrived at our house this week. I took one look at it, and to me it screamed marble painting! We used one large and a few smaller marbles with some acrylic paint. Munchkin had a great time rolling the marbles around! She also stopped at one point to exclaim that a particular blob of paint looked like an aeroplane!


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