Adventures in Tot Schooling

Mirror, Mirror

We focused more on a thorough exploration this week, rather than a whole set of trays. This is something I’d like do remember to do sometimes, as we had a really fun week. We had a busy start to the week, so we didn’t even start any totschool activities until Wednesday.

Inspired by reading this blog post, I placed one of our bathroom mirrors on the living room floor, and provided a “loose parts tray” which just contained glass rocks, glass stars, a spray bottle of water, a polishing cloth, and a magnifying glass. We explored together a little while, then Munchkin started polishing the mirror and glass rocks.  After a while she started putting rocks on the mirror, and we explored making a pattern. I started, and named my pattern “rock, star, rock, star” and asked what came next. She said “rock” and we continued this way.

The next day I brought out just a few trays – including some wooden blocks and foil. We wrapped about half the block in foil and then took them all over to the mirror to add to our play. We made towers with the blocks and counted how high we could make them. We discovered it was much harder to balance the foil wrapped blocks – their sides weren’t as flat as just the plain wood blocks. We also balanced glass beads on top. We also had conversations where we asked ourselves questions, and then the version of us in the mirror answered. This was, apparently hilarious and Munchkin rolled around on the floor laughing.

On Friday we added six little containers of water coloured with liquid watercolors. I hoped we’d be able to see the colours mix, but it didn’t really work. Munchkin still liked adding and working the colours into the mix. Little sister even got in on the fun with some tummy time on the mirror, then sitting and kicking at the containers.

Most of this week’s tot trays were requests from Munchkin herself.

Tot Trays


The tray I used to store the loose part for our mirror work in really came from a stamp set – Munchkin requested her Minnie Mouse stamping. I keep all our stamps in another box, but we pulled out all the Minnie ones, and a couple of others. She used every single stamp once or twice, then ran to the bathroom to get a wet towel to clean the stamps off. I told her I loved that she was taking care of her things, and that this would help them last a long time. She then made all the stamps fit back in their original tray. When Little Sister woke up, Munchkin let her know that we need to take care of our things!

Feeding a Goose

Munchkin and I were looking at past photos, and she saw her old lion feeding tray, and asked for the tray again. She then quickly changed her mind and said she wanted to feed a goose! I found a goose image on Google, and got it set up!

Rain Painting

I made this paper last Spring – mess free painting! I just provided a dish of water and a paint brush, and Munchkin added rain to the picture.

Mickey Mouse Painting

This was a kit from the Dollar Aisle. For the first time, I noticed that Munchkin was really making an effort to stay within the lines of the numbers, and she also commented that it was hard to stay in the lines. She seemed to pay a lot more attention to the colours, and where she wanted to place them than in the past. I really find it so fascinating to watch her grow and change.


Munchkin loves to cut – she requested this tray. These are some of her baby shower cards! I’m on a mission to clear out the saved up junk in this house!

Also this week, we started playing some games! We’ve been trying to play Memory for a little while now, but Munchkin just wanted to turn over all the cards. She’s been playing Memory on a Thomas app on the iPad, and so when we played with physical cards, the game just seemed to have clicked! She has a really good memory for where the images are, but hasn’t quite got the strategy of the game down yet. One of her Grandmas also taught her to play Snap this week! Munchkin also got some Thomas stickers from one Grandma, and stuck down some Disney stickers at her other Grandma’s house this week, so we have a few changes to the art wall:





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