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A Wintry Week

It was so nice to get back into Tot School properly this week, even though we only had one full week before I had to sub for an employee, we missed our Tot School time! Now that we are a month in, I’ve made some revisions to our plan. Munchkin loves ‘art’ and asks for it all the time, so we need to incorporate more of that (though I think ‘art’ might just be her word for Tot School, as I don’t really label our time. I am also keeping one rotating Montessori-style tray out for the whole week, near our sensory bin. Our ‘Floor Play’ activity hasn’t really been happening, by which I mean that we do lots of floor and toy play, but it’s not really a part of our structured time. I’m going to replace it with another task. Munchkin is 18 months old.

Our plan for the week is as follows:

Art/Craft Table Time I Table Time II
Monday making snow snowman with glue and cotton balls pouring rice
Tuesday more snow play tissue and contact paper snow/ripping golf tee tree
Friday vinegar and snow snowman dot marker art blue water transfer w/ dropper


Anytime tray: a collection of containers to open and close, containers and lids

Sensory bin: winter items: cotton balls, stars, penguins, glass floral beads, winter bear, snowman book, warm hats, Christmas crackers, star ice cube tray.

This week I also changed out the magnets on our dishwasher from letters to magnetic pom poms.


We got off to a great start today, spending lots and lots of time exploring the new sensory bin and anytime tray. They were out when Munchkin woke up, but weren’t played with until after breakfast. We explored them together for a while, and then Munch spent a lot of time looking at them by herself. We read ‘The Snowman Storybook’ several times, and Munchkin was thrilled to find not one, but TWO compact mirrors to open and close. We also pulled the two left over Christmas crackers and got to make a little aeroplane. She also spent a lot of time exploring both of these items by herself. Throughout the day, the hat got a lot of wear!

A little later in the morning we sat down to do some ‘art.’ This involved dipping cotton balls into a little dish of glue, and then gluing them onto a Do-A-Dot Snowman. She really only put the cotton balls on the paper where the dot marks were…but she wanted to dot each cotton ball in ALL the circles! It took some practice to only put the cotton ball on the page once. She did really well and had a great time. I knew this wouldn’t take long enough, so I also printed a couple of colouring pages from this Winter packet. While colouring, I noticed that most of the marks really were inside the lines…until we started to get bored. Munchkin kept asking for ‘W,’ and I think I can see her trying to make ‘W’ shapes on the paper. Her puppy, Barnacle, also joined in the colouring (her idea, not mine.)

Since she was still interested, I pulled out two jugs and some rice. We poured on a baking tray to contain the spills. This went ok and didn’t hold her attention long. I ordered a small glass jug a couple of weeks ago and wanted to try that. In hindsight, this was a mistake – we later used it for water and she wanted to then pour both into and out of that jug.

After a nap, she wasn’t interested in lunch. She also hasn’t drunk much water the last couple of days, so I thought we’d get the aforementioned jug, a little sake glass, and practice pouring and drinking water. She did really, really well with the drinking, and not that bad with the pouring for a first time. I filled the sake jug with water, and used that to fill her jug. After a while, Munchkin did want to pour water from the cup to the jug, and did some silly things, but overall it was a good experience. We also had the jug and cup at the table for dinner, and I would like this to be part of our day now.

Later in the afternoon, we made snow! I would have preferred to do this outside, but just couldn’t catch a good patch of sun. We squirted out a can of shaving foam, added lots of baking soda, and mixed. I thought it felt really cool, and I was able to mold snowballs and make a snowman. Munckhin asked for a hat for the snowman, so I need to come up with one of those! We had a good time, and didn’t make too much mess. I think the snow will keep for the rest of the week.


We spaced our tot-school out today. After breakfast I set up some tissue paper, star confetti and contact paper on a baking sheet. The idea was to make some ripped paper snowflake art. Munchkin enjoyed ripping the paper, but wanted no part in sticking anything on the contact paper. This ended up being a Mummy’s Art project as I showed her what to do. She did help sprinkle the stars on top of the paper before I put the other sheet of contact paper on top. No pictures of this…but I thought my art came out pretty well!

Later in the day our Anytime Tray got some play, as did our winter bin. Munch put her own hat on, but I had to help Barnacle put his hat on!

While I was in the office, Munch found a container I keep business cards in. She loved pulling the cards out of the container and putting them back in. She also liked looking at the cards and commenting on them – especially the one with Daddy’s photo on it!

We also had some good play time with our snow bin. I did manage to put together a little black foam hat last night, and any snowmen that got made had a hat. Daddy came home from work while we were doing this, so he got to play in the snow too!


We had some bonus Tot-School time today! We talked about Play-Doh, but I had been eying a few printables, and thought we would try them out first. We started out with some size sorting printables. We’ve been talking about big and little a lot, so I wanted to see if Munchkin could sort. I started out with just the largest and smallest pair of lovebirds. Munch wanted to “hiding” the little one under the big one. She did correctly identify which was big and small when asked. I also introduced the middle sized pair of birds. She hid the smallest one under the middle one under the biggest one, but was done with the activity by this point.

I also printed some winter matching pairs. We’ve played memory with paint¬† chips before, but it hasn’t been a great success. When Munchin said “hiding” in the previous activity, it gave me the idea to have her “hide” each item with it’s match. This was great fun. I cut the sheet of 12 pictures in half, and we did each sheet of 6 items several times. Vocab used:¬† hiding, hide, Timms, seal, bucket, sockies, bird, spade, pants, girl, boy, big, little, man.

After that, we pulled out the play-doh and had some good fun with that.


Munchkin was really excited to do some winter dot art today. We started out with a snowman and moved on to come creatures who live in the snow. Munchkin also coloured a snowman too. We then moved on to the planned water-transfer activity. This went better than a couple of weeks ago, and she did make one or two transfers all by herself before getting frustrated and silly. We also got some colour sorting in. She asked for play dough, so we pulled that out too for a while. She was tired today, and went down for an early nap, so we will have to add vinegar to the snow over the weekend!

Here is our art wall:

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  1. Cute idea to glue on the snowman. I need to make one of the snow bins, too. Looks like she loved it!

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