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Mouse Paint

Mouse Paint, by Ellen Stoll Walsh is a book that really lends itself to tot school. So simple, yet introduces such in important concept. We read the book a few times over the weekend in preparation, in addition to reading it several more times throughout the week.¬† We really focused on colours this week, and it was nice to have such a simple focus. I don’t know how long Munchkin will remember her colour mixing until she’s a bit older and has repeated it a few times, but by the end of the week, she was able to remember that blue and red make purple, and relay that information to Grandma.

 Sensory Bin

I have a couple of different colour spinners, so I put those in a bin, along with a variety of coloured buttons and foam shapes. We played with the spinners a few times, focusing on colour matching, and I spotted Munchkin playing with the spinners by herself a few times too.

Tot Trays

Mouse Paint Printables

I printed a couple of pages from some printable packs I found. Munchkin wasn’t very interested in them this week – not even the stickers enticed her!

Paper Plate Colour Wheel

This tray was simply a cheap paper plate. I drew six little circles, and labeled three of the circles with the primary colours. After reading the book, we squited a dollop of each primary colour onto it’s respective circle, then used a brush to mix the colours on the other circles. I also provided some paper to paint with all the paint and mixed colours. We talked about the colours we saw as Munchkin mixed things up.

Pom Pom Colour Sort

We’ve done this tray several times. This time, Munchkin took care to put the largest pom pom in Mickey’s face, and places smaller pom poms in the ears. I provided two different pars of tongs for fine motor practice.

Colour and Shape Match

This is a busy bag we received at a busy bag swap quite a while ago. Someone provided foam shapes, and a laminated card to match with. This was really easy for Munchkin, so we only worked through it once or twice.

Ice Colour Mixing

This week, I managed to get prepped ahead of time, and froze two sticks of ice in each of the primary colours. To get really vibrant colours, I used liquid water colours. During our tot school time, Munchkin helped me put two ice sticks into each of three glasses. She guessed what colours would be made as the ice melted, and then we placed the glasses on the windowsill and checked back in every so often as the ice melted. Later in the day, we painted with our new colours. We didn’t use all the paint, so I re-froze the mixed colours to use another day.

Colour Wheel Clipping

This was another busy bag we received in a swap. The pegs are great fine motor work, and still challenging for Munchkin although she can do them if she really concentrates.


Ziploc Colour Mixing

To continue with our colour mixing theme, another morning I placed little squirts of the primary colours into ziploc bags and showed Munchkin how to scrunch and push the paint around to mix the colours. This was a fun, squishy activity.

Mouse Colour Gradation

I love the Montessori activity that encourages awareness of different colour shades. I made a quick printable with colour gradations in mouse shapes. I’d provide it, but after working with it, the colours were not as pronounced printed as they were on my computer screen. We did work through it together. Munchkin could pick out the lightest card, but the other three were really hard to determine. I found the two darkest shades hard to to discern between, so next time work on this, my printable wil need to be more distinct.

Salad Spinner Art

As one more colour mixing activity, we tried some salad spinner art – very simple! Cut a circle to fit the bottom of your salad spinner, add several dollops of paint to the paper, put the lid on and spin away. The colours don’t actually mix, but it does create some neat art. We started out using fingerpaints, since I was trying to focus on the primary colours, but they were a bit too thick. I don’t have primary colours in acrylic paint, but they did work much better, so we did one paper of each. The was a quick project before Munchkin went out with one of her Grandmas, so it’s something we need to remember and do again!

So many fun projects this week!


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  1. Jolanthe says:

    What a fun learning week! Thanks for linking up to the Preschool and Kindergarten Weekly Link Up.

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