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Easter Week

We had such a fun week this week! As I think I previously mentioned, I found a lot of great things in the Target Dollar Aisle the other week. As it turns out, they were all a hit, and we’ve had some really great totschool sessions – even getting Daddy involved when Munchkin asked to “do trays” on Saturday morning. We even took some of these items to her grandparents’ house because she was so enthusiastic about all the activities! I also looked back to last year’s post and used those printables, and a couple of the activities. It was fun to see them repeated, and see how we used them in different ways.

Sensory Bin

This bin was a huge hit last year – and this year too! So much so that when Munchkin found it on Monday morning, she didn’t want to leave for school. I ended up packing up the bin and taking it to my parents’ house with us, since we headed there in the afternoon. The bin is made up of dried beans, some kiddie restaurant cups, foam carrots, a spade, a rake, and a couple of bunnies. We spent time planting the carrots, feeding them to the bunnies, taking the bunnies to the doctor because they ate too many carrots, and even walking in the tub with bare feet. Little Sister got in on the action too, having beans rubbed on her feet so that she could feel them. This is, by far, one of the more popular bins we’ve had, and Munchkin just loved it.

Anytime Activity

Easter picks and Styrofoam made for another great activity. Munchkin loved poking them, and we even ended up dancing with the eggs one day!

Tot Trays

Foam Egg Decorating

I picked up this pack of eggs in the Dollar Aisle. The pack contains three colours of foam, across 8 total eggs, each egg cut into 3 pieces. Each day we decorated on piece in each colour with a different material: glitter glue, paper shapes, and foam stickers. At the end of the week, I asked Munchkin to put the eggs together by foam colour, rather than by the material we’d decorated with. She thought it was really funny that all of a sudden each egg was all the same colour.

Easter Tic-Tac-Toe

How cute is this! Another Dollar Aisle find, and just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I also picked up the flower version, with the hope of one day making quiet books… We used this both as a fine motor activity, and also as an introduction to the game of tic-tac-toe, though the strategy behind the game was a bit too much for a 2.5 year old!

Easter Dry-Erase

These sheets were a big hit – I pulled them out of our folder from last year, but they are from, and wonderful as usual.

Wooden Chick Kit

This was another Dollar Aisle find. Munchkin had a great time with this craft pack.

Magnet Basket

This “tray” deserves it’s own post, we had so much fun with it! I found the idea at Modern Preschool, and was so excited to try it! I filled six eggs with non-magnetic items like a plastic elephant, a cork and a spiky ball, and then six more eggs with magnetic items like a bolt, paperclips and a pipecleaner. I provided a magnet wand, and an egg carton for sorting and let Munchkin explore. At first she just worked on picking up the eggs with the wand. As the week went on, we looked inside the eggs to talk about what was and wasn’t magnetic. We took the items out of the eggs, and she LOVED seeing the paper clips and other light items jump off the table to the magnet wand. The wand would also pick up the bolt, which we then used to pick up paperclips and magnetic discs. We slid the wand off of the bolt, and were amazed to see the paperclips and discs fall to the table. I provided a quick explanation that the magnet touching the bolt also makes the bold magnetic, but left our formal physics lesson at that. This was a really fun activity, and I highly recommend it!

Eraser Counting

I printed a number clip page from the 3Dinosaurs Easter pack, and provided mini erasers as counters. We started by counting the items in each box, and placing an eraser on the correct number. We also did this again by using erasers to cover the items in each box, counting as we went. We actually worked on this activity several times – I think the manipulative really kept Munchkin’s interest.

Easter Matching

As much as Munchkin has LOVED matching in the past, it just wasn’t her thing this week. I think she only looked at this tray once, while I was changing Little Sister’s bum.

Easter House

Grandma provided us with another holiday house project. This one was great because it had little bunny figures. After we build the house together, and Munchkin added all the stickers, she spent lots of time playing with the bunnies and talking to them about their house.

Q-Tip Painting

I love these books. We take them out to restaurants with us for entertainment while we’re waiting for food. Since this book is Easter themed, I brought it out and we worked through quite a few of the pages this week. I also really enjoyed painting alongside Munchkin!

Bunny Flickers

We had these out last week too – and with two weeks of practice, Munchkin can now fairly consistently get her bunnies to flick and flip in the air! We had a lot of fun playing with these with Daddy, trying to get them to leap into a wooden tray.

Egg Tonging

Finally, I set out a tray of decorative (plastic) eggs, and some bunny egg tongs. It was funny to watch Munchkin use her fingers to place the eggs in the tongs, and then use her fingers again to push the eggs out of the tongs into the egg carton. I think her hand is not big enough to open the scissors wide enough to do it all one handed just yet – we will have to compare again next year!

Not too much change to the Art Wall this week, but we sure did fit a lot of other activities in!










4 Responses to Easter Week

  1. Great activities. I especially loved the tic tac toe tray. I will have to go to the dollar store this week to find it. Thanks for sharing. Popped over from the Tot school gathering place.

    • Claire says:

      The tic tac toe was from Target – and I actually picked up flower ones last week. I have dreams of one day making a quiet book, and this would be a page just to sew in! However, I got the last two at my store – I’d hurry in! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Jo-Anne says:

    Just wonder where you found the Easter matching pages that you printed off.

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