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Stellaluna is a book I’d heard of, but never read myself. We grabbed it from the library – and we’re really enjoyed it! We had a busy week this week, so we didn’t talk too much about the message, but we did do some really fun crafts, some gleaned from around the internet, and some things that just all came together at the right time.

Tot Trays


Munchkin seems to have become interested in dot-to-dot pictures lately. She prefers that we both hold the pencil together, and has a hard time counting sheets that go much above 12, but she keeps selecting them in her colouring books and on the Thomas the Tank Engine app we have. I found a Stellaluna dot-to-dot sheet on the publisher’s website, so this was great – she coloured afterwards too.

Big Sibling Book

We continue to work on this book for Munchkin’s little sister. On this day, I interviewed Skye about some of her favourite things – things that she would like Little Sister to know about as she grows. Most of Munchkin’s answers were her true favourites – not just whatever was most recent in her memory.

Bat Relief Art

I saw this project over on TippyToe Crafts, and thought it seemed easy enough. It was…but I didn’t really think through using a spray bottle in my dining room. Maybe outside would have been a better place for this activity! Munchkin, of course thought this was tons of fun (as did I), and I’d really like to remember it so that we can use it for other themes.

Ladybird Craft Pack

Last Sunday, we headed to the park with my parents. Munchkin was thrilled when a ladybird landed on her, and my mum helped it crawl all up her arm several times. Sunday was also a terrible nap day for Little Sister – when she finally fell asleep at 8:30, I went for some retail therapy in the Target dollar aisle and found this labybird craft pack! What great timing! Munchkin was, for the most part, able to do this craft by herself, and had very strong opinions about the lack of spots! We added the completed ladybirds to the butterfly garland above her bedroom door.

Button Snake

Since Munchkin seems to be right in a sensitive period for buttoning and unbuttoning, I included this as a tray this week. She didn’t select the tray until I prompted her, but then spent a good 10 minutes working on sliding felt squares on and off the snake.

Bunny Flicking

I have no idea what these are called, but they were another dollar aisle purchase. It took a while for Munchkin to work out how much pressure she needed to flick and flip the bunnies, but we had a good time sending them across the table, and showing them to Grandma when she came over.

Bird’s Nest Art

In addition to the ladybird craft pack, I also picked up a pack of chicks. Then, I had some packing material, so Munchkin glued down a bird’s nest, made the chicks, and used the bat from the spray relief craft to make a picture of Stellaluna in the bird’s nest. This was lots of fun!


I printed a Stellaluna colouring page from the publisher’s website, and also provided blank paper for free painting.


 Bat Handprint Craft

This was a quick craft – we wrapped a TP roll in black paper, drew around Muchkin’s hands, I cut them out, and glued it all together to make a bat! Good stuff.

This was a really great week that all came together at the last minute (which is how we roll with a baby around…) but produced some really enthusiastic totschool time!


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  1. Jolanthe says:

    Stellaluna is one of my favorite bat books. What a fun learning week you planned. Love the bat relief art.

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