Adventures in Tot Schooling

Red Riding Hood

This was a pretty loose theme this week – we’ve had a couple of Red Riding Hood books from the library and have been reading them, plus we have a short bilingual version that Daddy reads to Munchkin, but the only themed activities were some printables from 3dinosaurs. Over the weekend, Munchkin suddenly because obsessed with trying to undo (easy) and re-do (not so easy) the buttons on her pajamas, so we worked with that and added in some fine motor activities. I can’t remember what we did, but we must have been busy this week, because we only fit in two sessions with her trays – not too much totschool time.

Anytime Activity

Munchkin’s button snake was out for her to play with at all times, all week. She was really interested in it when she first noticed it, but after a couple of days, it seemed to get forgotten about.

Tot Trays

Playdough and Mats

I found these mats on a Google Image search – I can’t remember the source! I clearly pulled out too many little pots of playdough – by the time I had pried open all the pots, Munchkin was ready to move onto the next activity! I intended to provide just playdough one day, and then add in other little items later in the week, but we only worked on this tray once.

Big Bad Wolf Sizing

I feel like Munchkin really, really understood and grasped the size sorting activity this week. She looked at all the wolves and told be their sizes before she began placing them on the paper. She even corrected herself when, after pulling out all the little wolves, she pulled out a middle sized wolf and said “This is a big one….oh, no…it’s the middle.” Once she was done, she insisted on going back and gluing everything down.

Rr Dotting

We haven’t done an activity like this before – I know Munchkin knows her lower case letters, but she doesn’t know all the uppercase ones. She also hasn’t always had the attention span to dot ONLY the Rr’s until the past few weeks. It went really well. We also talked about how red starts with an r – which she noticed on the dot marker. She wanted to colour Red Riding Hood in too.

Six Sided Puzzle

Munchkin received this as a gift, just after we’d purchased the animal version for her. It’s been hidden in the closet for about 6 months – but since she really got interested in the animal puzzle a couple of weeks ago, and really started to be able to do a couple of the animals by herself, I thought it was time to pull this out. She was really excited. It’s very challenging, especially since she hadn’t seen it before, but we worked through some of the pictures several times. A lot of times she can see where the pieces go, but will put them in the wrong way round, so we spend a lot of time talking about how the border has to line up for the edge pieces.


This activity was a big hit a couple of weeks ago, so I brought it out to continue the fine motor work. She walked around the house with big lacing card necklaces all Thursday afternoon!

Shape Punches

Oh my, this was THE hit of the week. I remembered I had these on Sunday evening, and gave her a preview. Munchkin needed help slotting the paper into the punches, and pushing down. By Monday, she could push all except the Disney castle one through by herself. The punches had to come to dinner with us and Grandma on Monday! By the end of Tuesday, she could slot the paper in by herself too. As the week progressed, we added paper and a glue stick so that she could glue the punched pieces down. This tray basically stayed out on the dining table all week and didn’t get put away!


We also worked on a few more printables – Munchkin’s lines are getting so much more purposeful and accurate.

Our art wall doesn’t contain much art this week, but all the printable work went up.



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