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How Do Dinosaurs…

A few weeks ago we visited the local children’s museum. Munchkin found ‘How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight” and exclaimed”Just like at school!” Two weeks ago we went to a festival and she picked out a dinosaur stamp and a prize, and last week we went to the library to find the “How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight” book, and came home with four books in the series. I reckon this means the pre-schooler obsession with dinosaurs has begun! Luckily, as I was putting these trays together, I found a pack of plastic dinosaurs I’d picked up in the Dollar Aisle – I couldn’t remember if I had them or not.¬† We have had so much fun this week!

Tot Trays

Stegosaurus Craft

Munchkin painted a paper plate and some pegs green. Later, once it was dry I cut the plate into a dinosaur shape, and later she clipped the pegs onto the plate. All by herself she clipped them on in a painted-unpainted-painted pattern. We did the clipping a couple of times too – the first time she’s really been into clipping pegs.

Sand and Dinosaurs

We spent a lot of time this week playing with¬† (fake) kinetic sand and the plastic dinosaurs. At first we just played with the sand, and had the dinosaurs make footprints, dance, or climb around the edges of the tray. Later, the dinosaurs played football and spent time talking to each other. We pulled out the “How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight” book, which has pictures of different types of dinosaurs in the front, and compared our plastic dinosaurs to the pictures to try and identify what we had. Later in the week, Munchkin requested a slide for the dinosaurs, and then a bridge and tunnel. She had so much imagination, and we had so much fun!

Dinosaur Sorting

Since there were four colours of dinosaur, I simply provided four foam sheets so that she could sort by colour. She did this easily. Later in the week, after we’d been playing with the dinosaurs and sand, I stepped away to change little sisters bum. I came back to find Munchkin had laid out the foam sheet and was sorting the dinosaurs by herself, completely unprompted.


I downloaded all the dinosaur packs from, and selected several pages for Munchkin. She loves cutting, and the dinosaur cutting strips were super cute! She’s been doing very well with spot the difference activities, so I printed that page, and also a couple of new pages – shape tracing, as her penmanship really seems to be taking off, and an addition page, just to see how she would do. We used her dinosaur stamp to stamp the different item on the spot the difference sheet. On the tracing page, she wanted me to trace the first few shapes, then we did a few together, and she did the last few all by herself – and didn’t do too badly! We used the plastic dinosaurs for the addition page, counting each side of the addition sign, and then counting all the dinosaurs to get the answer. This was just for exposure, but she quite enjoyed it. I also printed a shadow match sheet, which she did very quickly, and then repeated to glue the shapes down, and some two-part puzzles that she wasn’t really interested in because she couldn’t keep them exactly lined up/clicked together like her other puzzles.

Skeleton Making

I found a dinosaur skeleton outline printable, and provided pasta and glue for Munchkin to glue down. This is the first time we’ve ever glued pasta, and she enjoyed it. We didn’t really get into much discussion of bones or fossils, but we did compare it to our t-rex plastic dinosaur.

Grogger Sticking

Munchkin’s school recently celebrated Purim. She came home with an undecorated paper plate, folded in half and stuffed with dried beans, labeled as her “grogger.” (For some reason, she’s really reluctant to do any kind of art at school.) I had no idea what a grogger was, but we pulled out lots of stickers for decoration, and I looked it up on Wikipedia! We then had tons of fun as I said “Haman” and she shook her grogger to make lots of noise!




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