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A Little Bit of This…

Since I had a busy work week last week, and will again this week, this weeks Tot-School is a mish-mash of things we didn’t get to last week, plus a couple of new things. Munchkin is 18 months old.

Our plan for the week is as follows:

Art/Craft Table Time Floor Play
Monday pom pom painting button snake circle moon game
Tuesday play-doh dot marker art golf tee tree


Our sensory bin is a collection of Star Wars figurines. This was Daddy’s request. I think he got them all from Burger King 20 years ago. Our “tray activity” is this dog color sorting box that I totally copied – even hunting down the same image from Google Images!


We got off to a good start this week. Munchkin saw the dog color sorter early in the morning, but wasn’t interested. She asked for ‘art’ at breakfast, so as soon as we were able, I set her up for pom-pom painting. We even managed to get to it before Daddy left for work! This was a blast and Munch enjoyed it. I matched the poms to the paint colors (not that they stayed matched), and placed everything on a baking sheet. This really seems to be a great way for us to paint. Once we were done with our painting on paper, we ended up fingerpainting on the tray. Let’s face it – when Munch says ‘art,’ this is really what she wants to do. I did not take any prints from the fingerpainting today.

After we got all cleaned up and had a snack (Munchkin was hangry…), we sat down to look at the dog box. Munch loved it – I knew she would! She got right into putting each popsicle stick in the hole. After this, I prompted her to color sort, and we went through the colors at least twice. After that, the popsicle stick dogs went for walks together and had conversations with each other – and with Munch’s stuffed dog. We then went back to slotting the popsicle sticks in the holes. Munch was slotting the stick in the closest hole, then taking it back out again (if needed) and placing it at the slot with the correct color.

Later in the day I pulled out our button snake. Previously this has been a total flop, but Munch has been trying to help with dressing/undressing herself. I showed her how to slip a felt square onto the ribbon, and then she did one…and then we were done. I may pull this out again later in the week.

Throughout the day, Munch kept approaching the sensory bin, looking through the top and saying “no.” By the evening, she even lifted one side of the lid, put it straight back down and said “no.” Sorry Daddy – this one looks like a flop!

After dinner I pulled out our Moon Balancing Game. We didn’t play, but did spend time stacking the cylinders.


Tuesday was a nice day – my only full day at home with Munchkin over this two week period. In addition to our other activities we did a ton of Duplo play and lots and lots of books.

We started out with dot marker art after nap. This was a mish-mash of pages I had already printed, plus a train that I picked specially. We also added stickers to a plain piece of paper when we were done with the markers. Now when we are done with a project, Munchkin instantly points over to her art wall. We did let these dry a little first!

We had the same response to her sensory bin as yesterday – lots of peeking and walking over to it, and saying “no!” I’ll remove if it’s still not drawing any interest after tomorrow.

We also tried out the button snake again – and again we slipped on one quick square, and were all done. Later in the day I pulled out a game I picked up in the dollar aisle a couple of months ago. We worked through sticking the tees in the whole a couple of times and then I pulled out some marbles to balance on top of the tees. Munchkin tried one, but was realistically done with the activity already.

That was it for our tot-school week this week. Now that we are a month in, I have a couple of changes I want to implement starting next months. We did have a few other big events this week though: on Thursday Munchkin quite clearly said “Mummy, I love you” (best morning ever!) and since then we’ve been getting lots of two word phrases. The Star Wars bin did get some play in the end. Daddy sat down with Munch on Wednesday morning, and Skye warmed up just a little bit. The Princess Leia figure even came out to run errands with us on Saturday. On Sunday we had some great water bead play, and we’ve seen lots of imaginary play – everything turns into a tea party!

Our art wall:


2 Responses to A Little Bit of This…

  1. What fun ideas! I’ll have to give a few of these a try with my little girl.

  2. I’m glad the Star Wars bin got some play :). So sweet she said I love you.

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