Adventures in Tot Schooling

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

We have loved this book for a long time, but until recently did not own a copy of our own. I pulled together some activities to go with the book, and we had a great week! Wearing Little Sister in a baby carrier and letting her nap through our tray time also really seemed to help keep us focused too!

Tot Trays

Long Wavy Grass

I gave Munchkin some green tissue paper to rip (though I ended up ripping the strips) and glue on to a piece of paper. Her fine motor skills are changing all the time – she was very much able to place glue on the strips in a straight line and lay the strips out to look like grass.

A Deep Dark Forest

To make a forest, I drew some tree trunks on paper, and Munchkin added handprints to the top of the tree trunks. She loved painting her had herself, and she also loved doing some more free finger painting afterwards.

A Swirling Whirling Snowstorm

This was the last of our trays based on each obstacle in the book. Munchkin had liquid glue and cotton balls. She glued them onto paper, and very much enjoyed being in charge of the glue herself.

Bear Hunt Pre-Writing

I printed a couple of items from a pack by Homeschool Creations. As with the past few weeks, Munchkin has really enjoyed tracing the lines on these sheets. This week, she wanted to watch me tracing the lines too, and insisted I try again if my line ever came off of the dashed line!

Bear Hunt Number Recognition

I printed out two more pages from the Homeschool Creations pack, and used them in the way suggested. Munchkin and I took turns covering our eyes while the other person hid the bear under a number. We had to find the bear, and read the number he was hiding underneath. Munchkin can read her numbers 1-10. She can just about count to 20, but as I discovered this week, she cannot read the numbers 11-20. I’m not concerned, since she’s only just over 2.5, but perhaps we will start some more exposure to those numbers.

Bean Scooping and Tonging

I need to remember to include more of these practical life activities into our tot school time. Munchkin really enjoyed it, and kept coming back to it. I simply provided two different dishes, one filled with dried beans, and a plastic spoon and plastic tongs. Munchkin used both utensils to transfer the beans from one dish to the other, and back again.

Alice Picture Pairs

Munchkin found these matching game cards inside of one of our DVD’s. I used to love playing picture pairs when I was little! We’ve tried playing a couple of times, but Munchkin really hasn’t been ready. This time, we took our time looking at all the pictures on the cards, then I pulled out just a few sets of pairs, and we got a short game going! Later in the day, we played again with Daddy. We played with the cards on this tray quite a few times this week. Munchkin doesn’t really understand that you have to remember what you’ve already seen yet – nor does she always understand that we only turn over two cards at once – but we had fun starting to play this game.

And our Art Wall:


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