Adventures in Tot Schooling

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This week, our activities returned to book themes. One of Munchkin’s grandma’s had the week off work, so Munchkin had lots of extra outings. That, combined with the new sibling meant that tot-school was hard to fit in. Little Sister seemed to wake up and need attention as soon as we got stuck into our school time, as would be expected. However, Munchkin did request extra trays over the weekend. I’d thought about extending this book over two weeks, so I’d come up with one more craft project for us, and Munchkin got to complete it with Mummy and Daddy! We started each session of totschool by reading through our Very Hungry Caterpillar book.

Tot Trays

Caterpillar Magnets

Munchkin mostly worked on these pictures by herself. They were good ones for her to do when I had to run and deal with Little Sister. I came back once and she was very proud of herself for filling in each one of the holes. I printed a caterpillar page, and a butterfly page from

Butterfly Painting

This was fun! I cut a butterfly shape out of construction paper. We folded the butterfly in half so that Munchkin only painted one side, then we folded the paper the other way, and squished the two halves together to make both sides of the butterfly the same.

Caterpillar Roll and Graph

I printed the dice and graph from 1+1+1. Munchkin did really well rolling the dice and is starting to understand how we count and decide where the stickers go. It still took us about three attempts to complete this graph, but that’s ok.

Shape Matching

Another printable from 1+1+1. I had foam shapes that matched the printable, and Munchkin was excited to make the matches. When we did this tray again at the end of the week, she was super excited to be able to glue the shapes down. As soon as she was done, she instructed me to “put it on my art wall!”

 Story Reading and Food Cards

I found a printable with all the foods the caterpillar eats here. My intention was to make a caterpillar with an open mouth who could eat all the foods as we read the story, but that didn’t happen! Instead, as we read through the book we found and counted the correct food cards. It was this activity, in particular, that Little Sister didn’t seem to want to cooperate with, so we didn’t get through it as well as I would have liked. We also made a caterpillar/butterfly later in the week, and we read the story while feeding the caterpillar and hiding the food cards underneath it.


Munchkin gets better and better at this every time I present it now. It’s so cool to see her follow the lines, and get her lines really very close to the printed lines. She also drew all over the sheet protector, and drew faces, telling me exactly when she was drawing (hair, eyes, etc) as she went along. This week in particular she’s been doing a lot of drawing and then telling me what’s on the page. We’ve had seesaws, friends from school, dogs and all kinds of other things.

Caterpillar & Butterfly Craft

I cut up an egg carton and provided red and green paint for Munchkin to paint with. She painted the head read, and the rest of the carton green. When it was dry, she added stickers for eyes, and I drew on a mouth. As mentioned before, we then read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and hid all the food pieces under the caterpillar as we read the book. When the caterpillar in the book came out of the cocoon and turned into a butterfly, we used pipe cleaners to attach tissue paper wings to the caterpillar to turn it into a butterfly! I found the idea here.

Coffee Filter Butterflies

This was my ace in the hole for our second week of totschool, but we ended up completing it over the weekend! We love coffee filter art, but haven’t repeated the activity since receiving liquid water colours for Christmas. We made a bunch of these (and since it was Saturday, Daddy got to join in too!) in the morning and again in the afternoon. In the afternoon, our first batch were dry, so we took pipecleaners and turned the coffee filters into butterflies! We have lots and lots of butterflies all around our house now, and the colours are so much more vibrant with the liquid water colours than they ever were with food colouring.

Here’s our art wall:


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