Adventures in Tot Schooling

More Valentine’s Day Activities

This week was still a little bit unplanned on my end. Luckily I had a Valentine’s Day box tucked away from last year, and it’s a theme that’s not to hard to come up with activities for on the fly. We worked on some printables, and a lot of art – always Munchkin’s favourite things to do anyway!

Sensory Bin

I think this was just the same as last year – fabric rose petals, red and white glass marbles, some foam hearts, and some little heart shaped boxes I picked up this year in the Dollar Aisle. Munchkin liked opening and closing the boxes, and putting the marbles in them.

Anytime Activity

A pepper-flake shaker with red and while heart-topped toothpicks. Munchkin really liked this one. We worked on it together a few times, and I had her alternating picking up red then white toothpicks.

Tot Trays

Valentine’s Day Cards

Last week Munchkin and I painted the bottoms of her feet, and took lots and lots of footprints. While she was at school on Monday morning, I managed to get enough footprints from her new baby sister (who was not impressed) and then assembled the cards so that Munchkin could add stickers. Everyone loved their cards!

Tot Notebook

Rather then use pockets and dry erase markers for the printables this week, I decided to print them a bit small and put the pages into Munchkin’s tot notebook – she found it last week and was thrilled to use it again. I printed a shadow match sheet for her, and a “which one is different” sheet. She had no trouble with either of these. For the “which is different” sheet, she is able to spot the different item, and also tell me why that item is different. I also printed a couple of maze sheets out, and these were a bit more challenging. They worked the best when she led my finger through the maze. I may have “helped” a little. These printables came from Gift of Curiosity.

Bee Headband

We were out over the weekend, and Nordstrom was giving away free little craft packs from Oriental Trading. Munchkin didn’t want to make the craft at the mall, so we brought it home, and it became one of our trays for the week!

Contact Paper Heart Art

I remember doing this tray with Munchkin last year. I cut a heart from construction paper, and then two pieces of contact paper to fit the hole. Munchkin had a selection of foam hearts and tissue paper to use to fill the contact paper, and when she was all done, I sandwiched the other sheet on top.

Necklace Making

I picked up a little necklace making kit in the Dollar Aisle about a month ago. Since Munchkin is only 2.5, I replaced the string with a pipe cleaner – just as well. It turned out that the holes in the foam beads weren’t very well formed and wouldn’t have taken the string. Munchkin (and I) found it hard to push the pipe cleaner through the beads, so we only got part way through this activity.

Valentine’s Heart Glue and Collage

At the end of the week, I placed all our leftover items (doileys and foam hearts), some paper, and the scrap heart-shaped cutout from a previous tray together, and let Munchkin collage. She squeezed and used the glue herself while I nursed her sister. I was very impressed that she didn’t use too much glue, and listened when I told her that she had enough. This went really well!

We made lots of art this week!


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