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Where the Wild Things Are

I love this book, I’ve taught from this book, and I can’t believe I haven’t read it to Munchkin yet! We did a whole week of monster/wild thing activities, and she loved the book too! We were back in a groove again this week, and spent quite a lot of time on some of the different activities.

Tot Trays

Playdoh Wild Things

Munchkin got this great divided wooden box containing some stamps for Christmas – great for holding bits and bobs for open ended play. I printed some monster playdoh mats from, and we went to town making Wild Things. She loved this tray and we did it many times through the week. She also loved putting the cut up straw pieces on all her fingers!

Monster Counting

I cut out a few monster shapes, paired them with some number tiles and googly eyes. The idea was that Munchkin give each monster the same number of eyes as the tile. We did a few of these, but it wasn’t her favourite activity of the week. I think she got frustrated when she couldn’t get the tiny eyes to go exactly where she wanted them.

Wild Things Colouring

The was simply a couple of colouring pages from Skye really likes the art set she got for Christmas, but I think all the choices in it are a little overwhelming. She tends to end up playing with all the pencils, crayons and sharpener rather than doing any colouring. We got more done later in the week when I switched the art kit out for just coloured pencils.

Making Wild Things

This was a two-part activity. One day Munchkin painted some toilet roll tubes. We let them dry and then I presented collage materials to glue on and make a Wild Thing. We only made one in the end, but he’s very cute!

Valentine’s Day House

Grandma gave Munchkin a Valentine’s Day Post Office kit at the beginning of the week. I was so impressed – we sat down and completed it in one sitting. Munchkin loved building it, and has really enjoyed posting the Valentine’s postcards through the top of the letter box and then retrieving them all week long!

Wild Thing Blow Painting

We got liquid watercolours for Christmas, and I finally got around to using them! I saw this idea on I drew a couple of Wild Thing bodies, then presented coloured water and straws. We spooned drops of water onto cardstock and then used out straws to make crazy hair. Munchkin was more into chewing the straw than blowing, but she did get a few good puffs in. I guess it’s hard not to chew straws!


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  1. katepickle says:

    Oh that looks like so much fun!
    We love little trays like for play too!

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