Adventures in Tot Schooling

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Munchkin got a very, very cute box of 5 books from the “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” family for Christmas. They are just the right size for her, and come in a cardboard carrying case, and they are by FAR the most used of her Christmas presents. We’ve probably read the all five of the books aloud at least 2-3 times a day since Christmas, and that doesn’t include the time she spends with them by herself. She’s becoming really good at knowing how many of the five we’ve already read, and how many are left to read, and she has a really good memory for while titles are left.

Having said that, totschool wasn’t very successful this week. She had a very odd week of seeming to be overtired, sleeping in late, and acting out – lots of throwing things and crying when things don’t go her way, and no attention span for tot school – or lots of frustration when something didn’t work the first time. I noticed that all the started Tuesday afternoon, and realised a couple of days later that before Tuesday’s nap I’d been talking to her about how I’d have to be gone in the hospital for a couple of days when Little Sister comes. On Friday, after another disastrous totschool morning, we sat and “talked.” I may have been putting words in her mouth, but I asked her if she was scared about Mummy being gone, and she said yes, and we (I) talked about it a bit more. After that I asked her if she was scared about anything else, and she said “No, just Mummy.” and we talked about how, rather than throwing things when she’s scared, she can always ask for hugs and snuggles. We also got out the laundry basket and set it in the middle of the living room, with some balloons and very soft balls lined up for a “Mummy approved” throwing outlet. We’ve also brought bedtime forward a little, and been spending more time outside at the park. If nothing else, there are no tantrums at the park!

Sensory Bin

None this week – although we do have the “throwing bin.”

Anytime Tray

None this week

Tot Trays

Printable Trays

All these printables came from I don’t have too many action shots this week. We did attempt all the trays, and I think we got through each one about once. Munchkin liked the dry erase tray, but found the mini pegs too hard to squeeze. I’m about 80% sure she sight counted five twice this week, but I’m not 100% sure.

Sticker Matching Tray

This tray was all Munchkin! Her set of books came with a sheet of stickers, which I saved for the totschool week. I couldn’t come up with anything imaginative to do with them though, so I just put them on a tray with a sheet of paper. She saw them, and right away asked for her books so that she could find the stickers in the book and match them to the pictures! So that is exactly what we did! We read each book, and as she spotted the stickers match, she got to stick it down on the paper. What a great idea!

Sweeping Tray

This was not a successful tray this week! Since we were having a bit of a throwing week, pom poms kept getting swept well off the table. She didn’t even attempt this tray until Friday, though it was out all week, and she only got one attempt before I took it away. Oh well.

Cookie Gluing Tray

This was our art project for the week – she was supposed to glue the brown paper into the cookie outline, and then, once that was done, I had something else to add for gluing on the chocolate chips. We really didn’t get too far on this one this week, even with three attempts – just not a good week for focus and attention span.

We didn’t make cookies this week – though initially I had thought about it, it didn’t seem like a good idea as the week panned out. We did have (vegan)cookies and (soy)milk for a snack the first day of totschool this week though!


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