Adventures in Tot Schooling

Baby Sister Week

We are busy around here getting ready for ‘Little Sister’ and Munchkin seems to be fairly accepting of all the things that are going on and I thought a Little Sister tot-school would be a good way to keep the adjustments going. Now we just need her to show up! I’m just going to be 38 weeks in a day or two, but I’m impatient and would rather just get on with new things! We only worked on the trays a couple of times this week, but also fit in a couple of extra park playdates, a trip to the Children’s Museum and a playdate with one of my friends and her baby.

Sensory Bin

No bin this week.

Anytime Tray

One of our tot trays, tonging little babies into an ice cube tray, turned into our anytime tray this week. Munchkin really got into the tray this week, and tonged the babies one into each hole, and even put the babies into a little baggie to take them to Grandma’s house with her!

Tot Trays

Tape and Scissors

Since Munchkin has been so into cutting lately, and I found some fun rolls of tape at Target, I thought I’d let her have at it with tape and a piece of paper. She loved it! We worked on this both days, and she also worked with it independently while I was making dinner one day.

Letter Puzzles

Munchkin got these letter puzzles for Christmas. Why these things don’t come with lids is a rant for another time and place, but we found a bag to hold all the letters. I’m using these to work on puzzle skills, matching and letter recognition, rather than reading. We did have a very good discussion about b, d, p, and q all looking alike, and different words that start with b and d though.

Big Sibling Book

This week, Munchkin glued family pictures into the appropriate pages of her Big Sibling book, and answered a few questions, which I wrote down the answers too. She picked out favorite boy and girl names, and described the kind of baby blanket that we should get for Little Sister. She really likes this book, and really, really wants to go through and use all the stickers that are in there for 3, 6 and 9 month milestones. Patience is tough!

Onesie Painting

The first time I presented this, Munchkin was really excited, but then didn’t actually start the project at all! The second day, she had lots of fun using fabric paints and making Little Sister’s outfit to come home in.

Water Beads

We got these out as a fun sensory activity this week, and it’s been a long time since we’ve had them out! Munchkin had a lot of fun with this slotted scoop, since when she put it in the dish, it didn’t look like there were any water beads but as soon as she lifted it up, she could see how many she’d grabbed.

Tonging Babies

As mentioned above, this was a huge hit this week, and Munchkin actually asked me to put it out for her so that she could play with it all week. At the end of the week, we still have all 6 babies in the tray, so she’s done very, very well with it!

Little Sister Colouring and Painting

I also printed out a couple of pictures I found on Google Images of a baby, and a big sister with a baby. One day Munchkin coloured with pencils, and another day I pulled out water colour paints. She really liked the picture with the big sister, new baby and puppy – she said it was her stuffed dog looking over the crib.

Here’s a picture or two from our museum trip – Munckin had lots of fun building a slide with a really cool foam block exhibit they have at the moment.

So, not too much new on the art wall this week – the onesie was up for a while too, but now is packed, ready to go!


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