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Happy New Year! + Printable

We are off to a good, but slow start to totschool this year! We are packing in as much out of the house time and playdates as we can before baby 2 shows up, but Munchkin did accomplish a couple of (I think) pretty huge achievements this week. First, I’m pretty sure she sight counted 4 items. Second, she did some great line tracing on some pre-writing worksheets.

Sensory Bin

Since Munchkin loved cutting and “making snow” so much over Christmas, I decided to put all the Christmas cards in a bin for her, along with two pairs of scissors. She was told that if she cut, the scraps and scissors all had to end up in the bin when she was done, and that she was absolutely not to cut anything else, or the bin would be gone for the week. It’s been a huge hit, and she’s been very responsible about it. We’ve also thrown in lessons on scissor safety, and how we hold scissors when we pass them over to someone else. Really, really great bin. So simple, and she’ll be sad when it goes away – although she did tell me today that she’d already cut everything in the bin.

Anytime Tray

None this week.

Tot Trays

2015 Glitter Decorating

For this tray, I simply drew a 2015 outline on a piece of paper. Munchkin actually worked on this project 3 times over the week. I think it was frustrating that after each glitter colour we had to stop and clean up before moving on to the next set of glue and glitter, but she did really well being patient and helping shake off excess glitter, and pouring it back into it’s container. We talked about it being a new year, and she read me each of the numbers.

Thank You Cards

I wanted to make sure Munchkin had the opportunity to make thank you cards for her Christmas gifts. I tried to have her make some after her 2nd birthday, but I dropped the ball a bit on those. Since we live in such a photo happy world, and had pictures of her opening most of her gifts, I created a couple of printables so that we could send a photo to far away family members, and the decoration part wasn’t too involved. You can download the printables¬†here (portrait photo) and here (landscape photo). We decorated a card or two a day, and I changed up the materials – one day she got to paint, one day was stickers, and one day we used a stamp set she received for Christmas. I’ll be mailing the last of the cards out on Monday!


Father Christmas brought this present for Munchkin (from the Target dollar aisle…) It’s a great bag of wooden bead and shoelaces. Munchkin was really into in on Christmas morning – she’s never really been interested in lacing activities in totschool before – and she enjoyed it several times throughout the week. For the most part, she directed the activity – picking a green shoelace and all the green beads, while I had the yellow shoe lace and yellow beads. We also matched putting the same shape bead on our laces as the same time as she named the shape.


Munchkin took a lot of care with her dot marker sheets this week. She really focused on filling the circle with a dot. She’s been able to do this for a long, long time, but I think this week the interest and intent was there too. All the following printables are from’s New Year’s Packs. She also loves stacking the marker caps.

Counting and Matching

I was blown away by Munchkin and this tray! I set out the sheet of paper, and we lay the little number tiles out next to the paper, counting as we went. I didn’t really get to explaining what we were going to do, but asked her which box she wanted to count first, and she exclaimed “four!” and pointed to the champagne flutes. That’s the first time she’s ever sight counted 4 items, as far as I know. We then counted them to confirm that there were 4, she found the tile with “4” on it, and she glued it in place. After that, she just worked straight through all the other numbers, and was easily able to pick the right tile to glue in the right box. We will have to do something like this again!


Again, this tray provided another breakthough- Munchkin did quite well tracing the lines on this sheet. She’s been very into “writing” and making very small marks with pens and pencils, so I thought we’d give this a go. I think she did so well!

Size Sorting

We’ve done size sorting a couple of times, but mostly just with large and small – this time I added middle sized items. This tray went ok. Munchkin was happy to do it, but needed a fair bit of help when it came to the middle sized hats. She was really thrilled that the pictures were of hats though!

Mosaic Stickers

Munchkin got a mosaic picture sticker kit for Christmas. We are slowly working on the first two pictures- she does really well and knows what to do, but doesn’t have too much attention span for it. When we work on this, I make sure she is sticking the right shape and colour in the right place, and don’t let her do any of it as a free for all, which she gets a bit frustrated by. As long as we keep working on it for 5 minutes or so at a time, we’ll get through these two pictures over the next weeks, and perhaps I’ll save the other pictures for a few more months.

Overall, this was a great, low-key week and I feel like Munchkin hit some pretty huge accomplishments this week!


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