Adventures in Tot Schooling

“Pomm”…(round and circle)

This week our focus is on circles and balls. Munchkin is 18 months old.

Our plan for the week is as follows:

Art/Craft Table Time Floor Play
Monday pom pom painting pipe cleaners and colander circle moon game
Tuesday gluing circles and circle stickers dot marker art dancing
Friday water beads button snake curved/circle train tracks


We had another sensory bin this week full of pom-poms (“pomms”), balls, round Ziploc containers, a little round screw-top container, measuring spoons, and floral glass beads. I also have one tray that will stay out all week filled with Popsicle sticks that have Velcro on each end, like these.


When planning out our activities, I had forgotten that Monday was a holiday. With some visitors and Daddy being home, we didn’t really follow along with tot school. We did notice that Munchkin was very, very quiet while we were making breakfast though, we went to check on her and found that she had discovered her new sensory bin and was having a great time scooping and sorting pom poms.¬† She learnt how to put her hat on on Sunday night :)

We didn’t paint today, but our visitors had read about the water beads on our family blog and wanted to see them. We all had a good play and we will just rearrange our art/craft play for another day!

We didn’t get to any of the other items on our plan, but did spend time playing with Duplo, the craft sticks and the sensory bin. At dinner, Munch spontaneously pointed to ‘W’ on her place mat and said and signed “dub-yoo,” then pointed to the ‘X’ and said ‘X.’

When we played with the sensory bin after dinner, Daddy pulled out his marble collection to add to the bin for the week. We had fun looking at all the cool patterns on the marbles and plunking them into a glass jar. We also made some shapes with the craft sticks. I made a star and Munchkin asked for a heart.


We got started on our dot marker art right after breakfast. This was the first time we had ever used dot markers. We got ours from the dollar store – I’d read elsewhere about them splattering, but didn’t want to order the Do-A-Dots until I saw how Munchkin liked them. She loved them and I had to pull some additional pages! They certainly did splatter…She did sort of get the hang of stamping within the bubbles. She actually naturally stamped within the bubbles for the most part, and then started stamping outside of them once the holes were all filled. My circle do-a-dots were from links here and the farm ones from here.

Deviating from our plan, as usual, instead of dancing around the living room, we went swimming. Munchkin was so happy when I asked her if she wanted to swim after her nap. It’s been a while since we’ve been, and once she got there she was apprehensive. Of course, once we were in she didn’t want to leave. Best part of the whole day? Half way through playing in the pool, she looked at me, smiled and said “happy!”

We did our circle gluing after dinner. This is not the best time of day for her, and it deteriorated quickly. We tried white glue instead of glue sticks, and that worked a little better. She liked being able to peel and reposition the circles.

The sensory bin got a lot of play today. I loved being in the kitchen and hearing “Wow!” over and over, “marble” and “Daddy!” referring to Daddy’s marbles. We also played with the craft sticks again and the evening ended with Munch wearing a star around her neck.


I planned out our weeks in advance, not taking into account other factors like holidays, my work schedule, etc. This week I have had a crazy work schedule, covering for an employee, so Skye has had lots of time with her grandparents. We did play with trains, the sensory bin and the popsicle sticks many times throughout the rest of the week, but we did not do any more “official” tot-school. Next week will be the same. On the way home from dinner on Saturday evening, Munchkin sang “w, x, y….y…now…” and then started chatting to herself about opposites.

This week’s art wall:


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  1. Her hat is adorable! You can certainly tell she liked the bin. I love the art wall letters you made! I’ll have to figure out how to do something like that at our house.

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