Adventures in Tot Schooling

Christmas – Week 1

The goal was to focus on the book The Gingerbread Man this week. We read the book a bunch of times – Munchkin really likes it – but none of our activities really matched up and so we just ended up with a Christmas themed week. Not really a big deal, as I see it – we were working together, and still had lots of fun!

Sensory Bin

I didn’t change this from last week.

Anytime Tray

I didn’t change this from last week.

Tot Trays

Christmas Roll and Count

This tray took us three different attempts to get through this time – we seemed to roll very evenly! We just work on counting when I pull out this tray, and this week we also learnt the word wreath, and have been pointing them out everytime we see one ever since! These printables are from

Contact Paper Tree

I made a simple tree cutout, filled in the opening with contact paper, and then provided button, sequins, and other little things for Munchkin to stick down. She really focused on the star buttons! When she was all done, we covered the back with a contrasting piece of paper to complete the tree!

Snowman Letter Matching

Munchkin knows most of her letter names. We haven’t worked on the sounds they make yet, or really worked on lower vs. uppercase letters. I saw these great snowmen on I decided to just print out the cards for Munchkin’s name. She had no problem putting the upper and lower case letters together, or doing it in the order of her name. As the week went on she started to be able to identify that “sssssssssss” for “ssssssstar” matched the “sssssss” sound at the beginning of her name, and got the hang of the other letter sounds too – as long as I totally over emphasized it!

Playdough Mats

Wow, these have been a huge hit this week! I printed out some playdough mates, laminated them, and presented them with playdough and a tray of items to stick in the playdough. The first day I pulled this out, I thought Munchkin would use the playdough to decorate, then add the embellishments. That didn’t work too well. Once I put a layer of playdough down to cover the image, she spent ages decorating the snowman and gingerbread man! We pulled this out two or three more times after that, and once I’d put a play dough base down for her, she spent about 30 minutes each time poking and sticking the other pieces on to decorate. These were also from

 Santa Sizing

I printed several pages from’s Christmas packs. We started out with some sizing. We worked both largest to smallest, and the other way around. Munchkin thought it was really funny when I would hide the cards we’d “used” under my hands so that they were all gone, and she could just see the remaining cards more clearly.

Gingerbread House Kit

I picked this up last year too. It’s aimed for 6 year olds and older…but I put the house together ahead of time, and we had lot of fun sticking all the stickers on. I didn’t use any glue – it just held together, and Munchkin has had lots of fun taking the gingerbread man and having him walk around the house. She wants him to go inside to visit the doctor, but sadly, the door doesn’t really open.

Christmas Matching and Do-A-Dots

We did a few of these different printables through the week, and they were popular as usual.



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