Adventures in Tot Schooling

The Mitten

The Mitten, by Jan Brett, was not a book I read as a child, but I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the story this week. This story also features my favourite animal, the badger, so that’s a bonus too. We read the book once on Sunday night, and the next day I had an animal sheet printable from Jan Brett’s website for Munchkin to colour. We read the book again and on Monday night I put the mitten together, then laminated and cut out the coloured animals. The rest of the week we read the book, and as each animal appeared, Munchkin slid it into the mitten. She loved making the noise of the bear sneezing, and seeing all the animals fall out of the mitten as we tossed it up into the air!

We will be going to see the Nutcracker this weekend, so we’ve also been reading that story and listening to the music.

Anytime Tray

I found a magnetic nutcracker novelty toy in my Christmas box – must have picked it up last year – so Munchkin’s been having fun trying to manipulate iron filings to give the nutcracker pig tails (called “Abby Tails” in our house, after Abby Cadabby) and beards.

Sensory Bin

The bin was also vaguely Nutcracker themed this week.  I have a bunch of plastic ballerinas from when I used to hand them out to my students, and a couple of miniature pointe shoes. They went into the bin along with glass floral rocks, a scoop, and some fans from Thailand. Munchkin really enjoyed playing with the ballerinas all week. Unfortunately she also enjoyed tossing the marbles around the room, and we had to talk about that! She did some sorting, lining up and ordering of the ballerinas all by herself.

Tot Trays

Hedgehog Painting

I found a hedgehog outline on Google Images, and we used the tines of a couple of forks to paint the prickles on the hedgehogs back.

Christmas Weaving

I haven’t had anything like this out for a long time – and it wasn’t really a hit. Munchkin liked holding the pipe cleaners, and liked poking them through the wire rack, but didn’t want anything to do with actually weaving. At the end of the week, she was very impressed when I made her a smiley face though!

Star Decorating

We put our Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving, but the star we have was too heavy. What better project than creating a star for the top of the tree. Munchkin LOVED glitter glue at Halloween, so it was nice to have that out again. Three days of drying time later…and our tree has a star!

Mitten Dot Marker Sheets

I printed out a few dot marker sheets from’s Mitten Pack. Since we worked on the letter assessment the other week, I also pulled her sheet that asked for all the M’s to be dotted. Munchkin wasn’t so into this one.

Mitten Gluing

I cut out a couple of Mitten outlines, and provided glue, cotton balls, and foam stickers. Munchkin went to work!

Christmas Velvet Art

This is something else I picked up in the sales last January. The markers were a bit dried out, but we just added our own, and pencil crayons too.

Mitten Reflection Painting

Munchkin really seems to be enjoying art lately, and so I had to come up with a couple more things! I printed mitten outlines onto paper, and had her paint one side. The plan was to fold the paper in half and get a mirror image on the other mitten. We used the wrong kind of paint, and so the paint was almost dry before we folded the paper over. We will have to try this again some other way.

Cotton Ball Snowman

Another impromptu art project! Dipping cotton balls in glue, and gluing them inside two circle outlines. I also had googly eyes, buttons and a ribbon for Munchkin to decorate her snowman with.

This was a fun week, with The Mitten book being such a hit, and all the excitement leading up to watching The Nutcracker. We also had an extra morning of totschool, since Munchkin stayed home from pre-school with a rash one day this week. We also got her first “assessment” back from school. She’s doing great – still a little shy, so I know there’s a couple of things on their sheet that she can do, but didn’t tell them. The most important thing though, is that they read her personality the same way we do, and she’s clearly having fun during her mornings there.



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