Adventures in Tot Schooling

Thanksgiving Week

Munchkin had fun with all the turkey crafts this week. For only having three “work days” this week, we got a lot done! For the first time, Munchkin also brought home some art from school, which we also proudly displayed on our art wall. This was a fun week for us, it was good to have lots of projects to work on!

Anytime Tray

This was the same as last week – and the week before – I meant to swap it out, but never got round to it. We did play with it on Tuesday, and had the lady and scarecrow doing lots of flying across the sky.

Sensory Bin

This week’s bin was still very much along the theme of the last few weeks. I made it more Fall, and less Halloween as best I could. It contained more leaves, and a few different sorting containers. Munchkin didn’t notice it until Tuesday, but then we had a couple of good play sessions looking through it.

Tot Trays

Dry Erase Matching

As always, this was a hit. Munchkin had me writing her name on all the bowls of food, in between her colouring and erasing. These printables are from, as usual.

Pair Matching

Since cutting up all the squares didn’t pique any interested the other week, I went back to our usual format, and we had a good time matching the squares to the backgrounds. Munchkin asked about the two different sets of children – pilgrims and Native Americans, and she guessed at what some of the foods were supposed to be.

Thanksgiving Cutting

Another favorite, she worked through all the strips in one sitting! She also managed to make a few cuts straight across the grey guidelines.

Turkey Craft Kit

Munchkin did so well with this! I looked it over ahead of time to make sure there were no weaving or other adult components like we found in last week’s owl kit, but there weren’t. She peeled all the backing paper off herself, and after I showed her the picture, she pretty much followed the guide all by herself. She stuck the feathers down randomly, and it just so happened that (except for one that I moved) she naturally alternated the colours. I do think that was more fluke than anything else though.

Turkey Letter Assesment

I think I saw this on pinterest while looking for activities for the week, and decided to give it a try. I pointed to each letter, and asked Munchkin to tell me what it was. She only got to dot the letter once she’d told me it’s name. She was actually very self restrained, and only dotted where she was supposed to. We did this over two sittings, and I do think she could probably have got a couple more if we’d done it a third time. Munchkin named “b” as “d” both times, so we left that one blank. She only got to dot the letter if she could name it from the paper. A few of the letters I signed later – she knows all her letters if I sign them, and has for months. She also got a few more letters later on when we played with a foam alphabet puzzle. Printable from

Button Sorting

Munchkin enjoyed this so much the other week I decided to keep it out – and again, she loved it. My parents called to FaceTime while she was working on this tray, and Munchkin was so excited to show her grandparents that she was “doing trays” and sorting buttons.

Turkey “Stained Glass” Craft

I found these great printables at, got this prepped, and away we went. It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these contact paper projects, and it came out really well!

Turkey Handprints/Fingerpainting

What Thanksgiving craft week is complete without a handprint turkey? We made a couple. I traced around a turkey body from the printable so that we could put Munchkin’s handprints in the right place. Once the paint was dry, I simply stuck the cutout turkey body on top. After handprints, Munchkin enjoyed some fingerpainting.

Pine Cone Turkey

This one has been our table centre piece ever since we made it! A couple of weeks ago Munchkin did some hand prints that came out really well. I was going to cut one out and save in her baby book, but ended up cutting them out to use here. She wasn’t very into making this craft with me, but did enjoy picking out and sticking on the googly eyes! All the grandparents asked her about this turkey over Thanksgiving dinner, and she was so proud to show it off!

The other art on our wall this week came from school. We did so much, but I just didn’t get very many action shots this week. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!


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