Adventures in Tot Schooling

A Mis-Matched Week

The plan for this week was to follow a theme based on the book ‘Every Autumn Comes the Bear” by Jim Arnosky. I just couldn’t get inspired, and as it turned out, Munchkin wasn’t very interested in the book. I also found a new blog with lots of fun sensory recipes, so we scrapped the plan and winged it for the week.

Anytime Activity

This was the same as last week – and got a lot of play at the beginning of the week, but not by the end.

Sensory Bin

Munchkin loves the bin from last week, and so it stayed out another week. However, on Thursday we had a bit of throwing incident with the popcorn kernels…so there was no bin for the end of the week. Oh well.

Tot Trays

P’kolino Owl Puzzle

We haven’t had this out for a while, so I thought it would be fun to try. Munchkin put all the pieces in once, and then moved on. To be honest, I’m not as happy with this puzzle as I thought I would be. Even though there are multiple solutions, I still find it to be restrictive and not as open ended as I (as an adult) would like.

Number Matching

I printed some number clip cards from Woodland Packs. We haven’t tried these before. I provided a peg, but also pulled out our magnetic numbers so that Munchkin could use those if she preferred. She liked counting the animals, and was able to match some of the lower numbers. She even managed to use the peg to clip one card. However she also matched magnetic numbers to the written numbers, rather than the number of objects shown.

Fizzing Foaming Stars

The blog, Fun at Home with Kids, has tons of fun recipes that Munchkin and I NEED to try! Our first was Magic Foaming Stars. So cool! We had enough for two batches, and while my colours weren’t quite as bright, we still had lots of fun with this! It’s a super simple recipe – just baking soda, water and colour dropped into vinegar and soap.

Minnie Mouse Painting

I picked up another set of colouring cards and paints the last time I went to the dollar store. We used our first pack over Halloween, and Munchkin basically just painted the entire sheet black. When she saw this, she noticed it was Minnie, but then quickly whispered, “black…?” and I explained that this pack didn’t contain black! We got some other colours on the sheet this time :)

Owl Craft Kit

I picked this up a long time ago, and thought we’d give it a go. We are just starting to do some directed art projects, rather than just free exploration. This is the certainly the time of year for themed crafts. I need to remember to look over the crafts ahead of time and take care of any needed prep (should have done the weaving…), but Munchkin did really well. She looked at the picture and stuck the eye parts in place all by herself – matching the image. Since I hadn’t pre-weaved, we adjusted the bottom half of the owl a bit, but it came out great!

 Pom Pom Painting

Munchkin wasn’t so into this this week – I was a bit surprised. She put one dot of each colour on the paper and called it a day!

We also did a couple of other trays – Thanksgiving/Fall stickers where Munchkin enjoyed making the animals eat the food stickers, and any long narrow sticker covered up “owies” on the paper; and free chalk drawing on black paper, where Munchkin insisted that she needed water to dip her chalk in to make different types of lines.

Here’s the art wall:


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