Adventures in Tot Schooling

Bonfire Night

“Remember, remember, the fifth of November,
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why the gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.”

Just after Halloween, comes my favourite holiday – Guy Fawkes Night. Sadly, no one around here celebrates it with me – but Munchkin certainly did this week! I borrowed a book from the library, “B is for Big Ben,” which we’ve been loving and I think I will buy. It goes through the alphabet, picking out something uniquely British and each page has a four line rhyme. There is also plenty more factual information along the side of each page that we could read as Munchkin gets older. G is for Guy Fawkes, and so our art activities have all focused on bonfires and fireworks this week!

Anytime Activity

None this week.

Sensory Bin

These have been ignored for the past month or so, so I did start putting one together, but didn’t end up putting it out. Munchkin doesn’t seem to miss it.

Tot Trays

Dry Erase Matching

Apparently I’ve neglected dry erase matching over the past few weeks, as this has been a big hit! Munchkin couldn’t get enough. I put together a sheet of clip art images – a bonfire, Guy Fawkes, the Houses of Parliament, and a firework.

Blow Painting

Munchkin really liked this – it didn’t turn out quite the way I had envisioned (I think we needed thinner paint) but she thought blowing through the straws was really funny. In the end, she needed my puff to really get the paint moving, but we had a good time and repeated the activity again later in the week.

More Matching

I pulled 12 images from and put together a matching sheet for Munchkin. She liked these. One of them was the rhyme above, so we got to read it a lot of times.

Glitter Fireworks

This was fun! Even counting the one rather large green glitter spill we had…Munchkin loved this, and we worked on our fireworks over a couple of days. I cut a pipecleaner into thirds, and twisted the pieces together. One of the ‘legs’ was poked up as a handle. Munchkin dipped the pipecleaner firework into glue, then stamped glue onto the paper. She then shook glitter onto the glue, and had to be very patient while I cleaned up the glitter before she could change colours.

Firework Etching

I remember doing this as a child, and thought it would be fun to try. Munchkin wasn’t too interested, and I don’t know that I made our etching sheets well enough. To start, I coloured patches on a blank piece of card with pencil crayons, then coloured over that with a black wax crayon. I think my wax may have needed to be thicker.

Toilet Roll Fireworks

For this tray, I cut slits into a loo roll tube and folded the ends back. Munchkin dipped the flaps into paint, and then stamped on paper. She also wanted to fingerpaint, so we did that too!

We also went outside on the fifth and lit some sparklers. By the last one in the pack, Munchkin was ready to hold for herself!

Here;s our art wall for the week:


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