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Halloween – Week 2

We are working on another week of Halloween fun around here. We even fit in an extra visit to the pumpkin patch, where Munchkin was thrilled to ride not only the train, but a hayride pulled by a tractor too! We will be heading into her pre-school on Friday morning to participate in their Halloween Parade, and I think she’ll be trick or treating with Grandma in the late afternoon.

Anytime Activity

Last week’s, I created a jack o’ lantern felt face activity got a fair bit of play. I left it out for the beginning of the week, then rotated it out with a “ghost feeding” tray, described below.

Sensory Bin

This remained the same as last week:
– mini plastic pumpkins
– orange squares
– yelllow, orange, black, green, brown pom-poms
– Halloween erasers
– ghost finger puppet
– scoop and containers for sorting
– foam cat and hat shapes
– pumpkin bag and bucket

Tot Trays

Button Threading

I found a little container of Autumn coloured buttons in my scrapbooking box. Paired with an orange pipe cleaner or two, I put together a simple fine motor tray. Muchkin loved looking at the buttons, and loved taking them in and out of their container. The second time we got the button tray out, she threaded flowers on, then told me which colours to thread to make bracelets.

Halloween Painting

This was a companian to the Mickey Mouse painting of last week. Munchkin was thrilled and exclaimed, “Mickey and Minnie too!” We did get a couple more colours on the sheet besides black this week – mostly because the black ran out! After pre-school on Wednesday, she collected a really nice leaf to do some leaf stamping with, but then requested a skull page to paint instead. This actually turned into finger painting – which I am always happy to encourage.

Pumpkin Collage Tray

Munchkin ignored the foam stickers on this tray, but loved shaking and gluing on googley eyes, and later, she enjoyed ripping some shiny paper to glue on too. She kept commenting that the googly eyes made shaky sounds like the leg and wrist cuffs of the Aztec dancers we saw over the weekend.

Ghost Feeding Tray

I think this tray is super cute! Munchkin wasn’t too thrilled by it when presented as a tray, but I rotated it to be her item for the week that stays out all the time, and she has excitedly shown Daddy how she feeds her ghost saying, “Eat! He eats pumpkins!”

Sticker/Colouring Tray

Mymum picked some Halloween placemats up a couple of weeks ago and sent us home with some. I turned them into a tray with coloured pencils and Halloween stickers. We spend quite a while colouring the back of the placemats together.

Our other trays didn’t get to much attention this week. I repeated a mini pumpkin one-to-one tonging activity, and the cutting tray, and moved out pumpkin felt head into a tray – they were mostly ignored. It’s been all about art all week – we spent a long time on Thursday morning working on glitter glue pens on a skull outline, and on Saturday morning, Munchkin woke up and almost immediately asked for trays. We didn’t go any, but we did go to the local art museum where she was able to join in with sugar skull decorating, paper flower making, sticker colouring, and etching (an activity I already had planned for next week!) We walked around the museum and then she asked to do more art, but sadly, it was time for us to head home. Don’t worry, little Munchkin, we’ll find plenty of time for more art!


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