Adventures in Tot Schooling

Chika Chika Boom Boom

This is not a book I grew up with, and I wasn’t to sure about it the first time I saw it, but as we’ve read it this week, I’ve really been enjoying the rhyme. The only problem is that “aunt” and “pants” don’t rhyme when I say those two words!

Anytime Activity

foam alphabet puzzle from the dollar store

Sensory Bin

– alphabet wooden blocks
– alphabet links
– foam letters

Munchkin basically ignored this bin all week. She did look at some of the wood blocks – but mostly to see the animals on one of the sides. Oh well.

Tot Trays

Salt Tray

We haven’t done this one before, and Munchkin loved it. I gave her some foam letters as references, but really we just used the tray for a more sensory experience, and drawing simple lines. I really liked that the tray we used had a black bottom for contrast. I also liked that we didn’t make much mess! It was a good experience we will certainly be repeating.

Alphabet Stamping

This wasn’t the most popular tray of the week. Munchkin liked stamping (and generally does) but mostly requested it by herself at random times of the day. We didn’t work too much on letters, but I did discover this week that she can spell her name! Munchkin likes asking me to write her name on things. I now have her prompt me each time and tell me in turn which letter I should be writing.

Handprint Tree

We worked on this project over a couple of days. On the first day, I asked Munchkin to paint an entire sheet of paper green. I gave her two shades of green to work with, and she had a really good time making sure all the paper was covered. The next time we worked on it, I had prepared a tree truck, which she glued onto a background. I then drew around her hands and cut out her handprints (she got the scraps to cut up with her scissors) and then she glued the handprints onto the tree. It was a good project to work on together!

Alphabet Tree

This was a bit of a flop too. I thought I had some large alphabet stickers. I didn’t – they were tiny. I have big number stickers. Munchkin glued down pre-cut shapes for the tree truck and leaves, and then started sticking on letters. We did start by going through the alphabet with the book, but the stickers were just too small. In the end, I found some other stickers for her to use, which made the project much more fun.

Colour Matching

I used printouts from Carissa’s Chika Chika Boom Boom Tot Book. I coloured them myself and then used pegs we already had so that Munchkin could match and also practice with the pegs. She’s almost there, and managed to squeeze the pegs open a couple of times, but still needed help maneuvering the paper with the peg.


We had fun with play-doh this week! We stuck it to our noses to make new noses, and made turtles! Munchkin then put a big lump of play-doh over her hand, and pretended her hand was a turtle too!

Not too much on the wall this week:


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