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Goodnight Moon

I’m not going to lie. I basically lifted this week’s tot school plans from a blog called Peanuts are Evil. We love the book Goodnight Moon, but it’s been out of rotation for a bit (the only books in rotation at the moment are Thomas the Tank Engine books…) and I think we could revisit it.

Anytime Activity

– Goodnight Moon puzzle, made from a cardstock printout of the front cover

Sensory Bin

– pink bunny
– three little bears
– foam stars
– old cell phone
– little toy house
– comb and brush
– wooden moon
– little bowls, scoop, tongs
– yellow and black pom poms

Munchkin found the bin and was VERY excited to see the three bears. After she explored for a while, we read through the book and I had her pick out the items that corresponded to the page we were reading. She also loved the old cell phone that I stuck in as an after thought. Later in the day I overheard her having conversations with various people on the phone. She also called and gave several instructions to Claire – that’s me!

Tot Trays

Moon (Marble) Painting

I gathered an old box, paper cut to size, marbles, and several colours of paint. Munchkin picked colours,  helped to squeeze paint in the box, and dropped marbles in. We closed the box and shook, shook, shook. We made some great prints!

M is for Moon and Magnets

This printout is from Making Learning Fun. I love them for dot-marker printables. This time, I presented magnets, and Munchkin placed the magnets over the dots. She wasn’t too impressed with this tray at the outset, but went back to it later in the day and covered every circle.

Moon (pom-pom) Size Sorting

This started strong, but then flopped! Munchkin was happy to tell me which measuring cup was largest, which was smallest, and which was the middle sized. That was about as far as we got! Munchkin liked looking at the pom-poms, but didn’t want to sort them.

Quilt Matching

Matching is always a hit, and this was no exception. The matching tiles were slightly different – more shaded – than the base image, and this was a nice touch. Munchkin had to look twice a few times, and she really enjoyed this. The printable is from Confessions of a Homeschooler. On Thursday, Munchkin had great fun doing this matching with Grandma and gluing down the pieces.

Moon Balancing Game

This game has been in rotation a few times during our tot school journey. This time, we worked on taking turns balancing one cylinder at a time on the moon base. Munchkin also explored which was up the moon needed to go. We also stacked and made towers. When balancing the cylinders as intended, we actually managed to get quite a few of them to balance before they tumbled down!

By the end of the week, we FINALLY managed to put together the train project from last week:


And got everything else up on our art wall:



2 Responses to Goodnight Moon

  1. Tiffiny says:

    We love that book too! I will have to steal some of these ideas. ;) I really like the idea of tying the sensory bin in with the reading. My daughter would love the marble painting, so thanks for describing how you did it. I’ve never seen that moon balance toy. Where did you get it? You should link this post to the Kid Lit Blog Hop this Wednesday at Mother Daughter Book Reviews.

    • Claire says:

      Thanks! I remember marble painting on a baking tray (and string painting too), so I must have been a bit older. Shaking the marbles in a box is good for little ones with less control! As for the game, we bought it used at a kid resale event – I don’t know where it’s from.

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